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1988 E30 M3 - $55000 (48k miles) - Not mine

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  • 1988 E30 M3 - $55000 (48k miles) - Not mine
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    It has the extremely rare "Architect Owned" option.
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    • kmarei
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      art vandelay I believe

    • ///Mflossin
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      Yeah...that is classic. As opposed to a garbage collector owned??? I know a lot of architects and they are much like the "starving artists." Very good at what they do but unless elite....just a wonderful skill. The only parallel that I can draw from being an architect transformed into the car world would be an "attention to detail."

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    Love when guys write that. "Dentist owned." "Doctor owned", as if that adds any prestige.


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      Is it me or has the market for these cars reached a bubble? If you were to compare an average low-mile great condition car like this over the past five years it has skyrocketed. Then again we're coming out of a major recession where toys like this were highly expendable. Can it continue? Who knows. I know that in 20 years if you were to bubble wrap this car it would be worth more, but then what's the joy of driving it? There's gotta be a fine-line here. If money were no object I'd get two: one to pack away and the other to drive the hell out of.


      • RickySixx6
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        Is it a Bubble? No. Its a direct function of a weak US dollar and a lack of quality places for money to go. Unless the US Govt is subsidizing low interst rate loans on classic cars, there is no "Car bubble". Art is going up, commodities for the most part (unless manipulated) are going up, food, fine art, its all going up. Currencies around the world.. they're not fairing as well.

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      ^ All I can answer you is the more electronics and weight BMW adds on to their M cars, the more the increase in value of the simple, light weight, and limited run E30 M3s will be. It's good for the "have" and sucks for the "have not".
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