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FS 1991 BMW E30 323is For Sale ( S-14 Equipped 318is ) - Immaculate Condition

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  • FS 1991 BMW E30 323is For Sale ( S-14 Equipped 318is ) - Immaculate Condition

    In building this car my goal was to install an S-14 motor it into the lightest, cleanest and most current E30 chassis available, a 1991 318is, closely replicating the BMW s-14 equipped 320is made only for the Italian and Portuguese markets. The 320is is a 318 e30 with the distinction of having de-stroked s-14 bringing it to 1990 cc’s with the chassis and driveline identical in all other respects. It was designed to be a sportier version of the 325, allowing it to be sold in Italy at a lower tax rate. The 325 was taxed heavily in these countries due to its 2.5 liter engine. This model from BMW also had some minor exterior cosmetic differences compared to the basic 325 but retained the lighter weight 4 lug suspension components. Having owned both a 318is as well as an e30m3 the idea of a putting a 2.3 liter s-14 into the lighter weight 318 chassis appealed to me as it would yield the best of both. The result is what I now call this 323IS. The US M3 weighs in at 2865 pounds, the 1991 318is has a curb weight of only 2601 pounds. So this 323IS weighs ~264 pounds less. It is further lightened with the addition of aluminum control arms and the lightweight Ronal wheels. In addition the s-14 motor in it has seen an increase in output and ability to rev with an exhaust cam, chip, lightweight flywheel and high flow exhaust bringing in to 200+hp. I purchased the 1991 318is in the summer of 2009 with 118k miles on it from an enthusiast in PA as the 3rd owner. The seller described is an all original, always garage kept car. The condition of the car; exterior, interior, and undercarriage all supported this claim with each a 9.5 or better, with all VIN tags in place. The original exhaust showed only minor surface rust. The only other rust on the car was a small section in the rear battery box. The only modification to the car was new Bilstein HD shocks on all four corners and an aftermarket CD player installed in the dash. I kept the car as a fair weather driver until early spring of 2011 putting just a few thousand miles on it and then sold it to a friend. My interest at the time was to get a classic 4 door that could better accommodate my family; wife and growing sons. I ended up with a mint 1983 733i 5 speed with 75k miles on it. The new owner promptly blew the original m42. I helped him swap in a used replacement motor (against my advice) which lasted less than a year. The car then sat in a state of disrepair for the few years in storage with the 2nd motor having been removed by a shop that determined it to be beyond repair. I had the right of first refusal should my friend ever decide to sell the car. Finally the opportunity presented itself for me to buy it back when my friend relocated from MA to CA for his job. I bought the car back in Jan of 2013 with the intention of creating a car that captured all of the virtues of the 320is with a more powerful 2.3 liter s-14 under the hood as it would have came from the factory. I began looking around for an s-14 motor and found that one in a shop complete with; intake, accessories, harness, ECU and header. The only things missing that I’d need to install it were the AFM / Air Filter Box, Transmission, shifter and driveshaft. I learned and verified that it had relatively low mileage and had been taken from a wrecked M3. In addition the upper end of the motor had prior to the wreck been gone through by VSR1 in Bow NH the authority in US on s-14’s and M3’s. It came with an exhaust cam installed along with an aftermarketchip. I bought the motor sight unseen. Once I had the motor I decided that I would do it correctly in making sure everything was new and addresses to produce a truly unique and pristine car. Since the car had new shocks and the rear suspension was in perfect condition I decided to install performance sway bars front and rear along with billet rear sway bar reinforcements and rebuild the entire front suspension and steering since it would be supporting a higher output motor. Following is a description for the work and parts installed • Engine disassembled down to the long block. • Block re-painted using Hirsch two part engine epoxy. • Header, water manifold, and external oil pan were ceramic coated • All other brackets and components were powder coated or painted • M3 Wiring harness was restored using sacrificed connectors and shielding from the 318 • Throttle bodies and linkage restored by VSR1 • New connecting rod bearings and oil pump installed by VSR1 • Alternator, and AC compressor rebuilt / restored • New OEM bushings installed; Alternator, AC Compressor, Power Steering Pump • New OEM water pump installed • Horizontal and Vertical oil pan baffles installed • All new hoses and clamps • New OEM fuel pressure regulator • New OEM oil cooler and lines • Rebuilt Power Steering Pump with New OEM lines • New aluminum radiator • New OEM expansion tank • Front sub frame reinforcement kit installed, sub frame then powder coated • New OEM tie rods & boots • New OEM aluminum control arms • New OEM solid rubber control arm bushings • New Ireland Engineering sway bar kit includes: -Front Adjustable Solid 22mm bar. -Front Adjustable endlinks (includes new OEM u-bracket and Aurora Heim-joints). -Front Urethane Pivot bushings, with new U-clamps and reinforcement plates -Rear Solid 19mm bar. -Rear adjustable endlinks with sliders, Aurora bearings, and weld on reinforcement plates. -Rear Solid Billet Aluminum sway bar mounts with trunk reinforcement plates • New OEM / EVO lightweight flywheel (Balanced prior to installation) • New Sachs clutch kit (Balanced prior to installation) • New OEM throw out bearing • New OEM e30m3 shifter assembly and bushings • New OEM e30m3 motor and transmission mounts • New OEM e30m3 transmission cross member • Used e30m3 transmission, cleaned and repainted • New OEM backup light switch • New OEM transmission mounted / flywheel position sensors • New Guibo • Rebuilt and balanced e3om3 driveshaft • Heat shields painted with high temp paint • 4.10 Limited slip differential • New VSR1 center section with high flow cats • Stromung Cat-back Exhaust system • New brake rotors and pads • New Stainless steel Brake Lines • New AC lines, dryer, evaporator and expansion valve, r134a compliant • Original e30m3 Instrument Cluster with 2500 miles • Analog Clock • New Llyods floor mats • M-tech steering wheel • Rear battery box restored, rear valance modified, front and rear valance refinished by VSR1 • All fresh Red-Line synthetic fluids • 5 Ronal Turbo R10 15x7 wheels with new BF Goodrich 225x15 Rival Tires (4 on car plus spare) • All new OEM BMW hardware used throughout assembly Everything in this 323IS functions as it should; AC, clock, all gauges including oil temp in instrument cluster. The interior and exterior have been professionally detailed. The engine bay, undercarriage, interior, exterior paint and trim, suspension and every other conceivable aspect of this car are all in excellent condition. It runs, drives and handles beautifully, looks fantastic, needs absolutely nothing and is blast to drive.

    Asking $19,500 or best reasonable offer

    Over 70 photos here

    Since I'm not on this forum regularly, please direct inquiries to me by email directly to [email protected]

    Thanks for looking