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FS: 1990 M3 Brilliantrot/Black

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  • FS: 1990 M3 Brilliantrot/Black

    For sale:

    1990 BMW E30 M3
    VIN: WBSAK0317LAE33974
    Brilliantrot/Black Leather
    Clean Title
    144K mi

    Clean title, two owner car with the second owner having had it since 1995, where it resided in Chicago ever since. Everything is there on the car and it could make a great driver, or a candidate for a top down resto. To make the transaction as effortless as possible for the next owner, I've included as much detail as possible, included a carfax and paid for a PPI below.




    Strong healthy S14 with 1-190-2%, 2-190-2%, 3-200-1%, 4-190-1% compression numbers across the board. Has a slight seep from valve cover gasket or cam box, but nothing that drips on the floor or unusual for an E30 M3 with 144k. Water pump replaced 100 miles ago, with cooling system refresh in 2014 per PO. Car has a stage 3 clutch (unknown mfr.), so the clutch release is rather on the heavy side. In addition to that, it required a bit of effort to get the car into first gear, so it was discovered during the PPI that it's because of a broken release fork spring clip. I opted not to pull the transmission for that part as I imagine the new owner is going to want an OEM clutch at some point. There's also a leak from the selector shaft seal and the differential is dry. Unknown aftermarket muffler, but sounds pretty good without droning too much.


    Has Bilstein Sport shocks and white lowering springs (H&R?). Tires are brand new Sumitomo HTRZIII 235/40/17 with 17x8 +20 Borbet Type E. Rear sway bar mounting clip cracked, and rear suspension likely due for a refresh, although no clunking/noises during driving.


    Overall very solid shape. Two hairline cracks on the dash where the rib connects. Airbag wheel was replaced with MT1 wheel. Front seats leather is good with no loose stitching, although the forward recline cable is broken on the passenger seat (easy fix). Rear seats are also solid, but split at the seams in three places at the top (common). All switchgear & instrumentation works, although the cruise control does not currently engage (not sure why). There's an Alpine head unit and matching Alpine amp in the trunk with wiring.


    M3 has had paintwork all over at some point although carfax says it is accident free. It's a very presentable 10 footer that can be buffed to shine up well, but has a Maaco overall paint quality. Fender vins have been painted over, as well as the door ones. Front bumper has spider webbing on top, and spoiler has multiple paint cracks. Rear driver's quarter has had filler that's starting to crack as well as rust starting to bubble. Surprisingly, sunroof, battery tray, trunk and tails are rust free. Windshield was replaced at some point, and it looks like incorrectly at that with rust starting to bubble around the cowl. There's a spot of rust on the driver's floor pan area and sign of welding in the driver's rear wheel well (adds up with the quarter panel filler). Car is wired for low-beam HIDs - fog lights work.


    Overall, you've got a solid running car that has been regularly driven by a single owner for the last 20 years. The car's achilles heel is the body work, but considering all the parts are there it could be a solid M3 platform to start with. Mechanically, there are no burning issues with the primary recommended work being a shifter/clutch refresh.

    With pricing all over the place for rollers in the high teens, good drivers in the 30s, and salvage title cars all over the place, my asking price is $25,900 OBO. This accounts for all the issues on the car as found out by the PPI. Any shipping is to be arranged by the buyer, but I'm happy to get the car loaded up. Located in Chicago, 60706.

    Contact: [email protected]

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      This should be sticked, "how to properly advertise a car for sale."

      Fair price, good luck with sale! In my opinion, this is the type of M3 that most folks actually want - loved, ready to drive, and a paint job that doesn't make you scared to get a few rock chips.
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      Agree, fair price. Condition matches price for once. But man that's a ton of overspray.


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        The current condition is extremely well-presented. By the narrative, it sounds like you are helping someone else sell? Any comments from the owner about what lead to the panels being re-sprayed? I always find "clean carfax" a little cheeky, as it draws attention away from any known yet unreported accidents there might have been. Are the documents and service condition of the car included?

        I think I agree that it is very fairly priced. But, somehow I think I'd need it to come a little bit down before I'd be interested. Maybe the value proposition of these cars aren't quite there for me yet.


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          Is there anybody who knows,and/or have seen this car???


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            Car is no longer available.