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    Can anyone give me a good source. Im looking for a red on in specific. It will be a driver car for me, so I am looking for a car that is in great condition but has some miles. I will entertain real low mileage collector grade cars if the price is right. But I am looking for one to drive and enjoy, so in the 30-60k miles range would be ideal. My budget is pretty much solid, just need to find a car and talk numbers.

    cant find a red one. Eag just had a perfect one, but I was 1 day too late. they had 2 red ones. 1 of them was 119 miles on it, the other red one was perfect with about 40k miles on it. It slipped from me. Looking for a red one.

    PLS HELP !!!

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    A Sport Evo (only 500 were made) from $30k-60k. Is this some kind of joke?


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      Originally posted by SlideM3 View Post
      A Sport Evo (only 500 were made) from $30k-60k. Is this some kind of joke?
      Mileage, not budget.
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        Originally posted by Konig View Post

        Mileage, not budget.
        Sorry. Duh me.

        Op - I'm sure you will not have trouble finding a SE. There is one in the FS right now, but not in red.


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          No worries, I read it the same way at first and started to have the same reaction...

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        Maybe this is the car you're looking for


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          Call Levent at Guten parts, he has about to be listed for sale and i believe one is red


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            Originally posted by SlideM3 View Post
            A Sport Evo (only 500 were made)
            600 Sport Evos were made

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              Another one:



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                If I'm reading that right, it's $210k USD for a car with 147k miles?
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                  he has a better shot at hitting lotto!..... TWICE!


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                    Really good price:



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                      Just buy a standard M3 and put all the Evo parts on it. You'll have essentially the same car for 1/3 the price and you won't have to worry about putting miles on her. Definitely not the best idea if you're a collector, but if you want to drive it like you stole it guilt free, that's the best option.
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