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1988 Diamondschwarz / Pearlbeige S54B32-5speed swapped E30 M3 $38k

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  • 1988 Diamondschwarz / Pearlbeige S54B32-5speed swapped E30 M3 $38k

    PHOTOS HERE::: -- SLR photos from yesterday near the bottom, sorry I did not want to risk hand washing the car when it is 30 degrees out -- I'll polish it up and dust down the interior in a month or so and post new photos as needed.

    This listing is for a 1988 BMW E30 M3 in Diamondschwarz with Pearlbeige interior. The chassis has 226k miles on it, engine has 132k, transmission is under 100k, 3.73 limited-slip clutch type differential has 160k.

    I bought this car about two years ago as a companion project for my 1991 Brilliant red M3. When I found it, the car had been sitting under a tarp in southern MN for about 5 years after a deer hit. The paint was absolutely gone, car had light dings all over it, replica E36 style 24 wheels and an OBD1 S52 under the hood. Still, the car's sheet metal looked over all pretty good and it was a real clean title WBS chassis. Upon getting the car home, I had the car fully repainted in the original two-stage Diamondschwarz with high quality PPG paint, had all the dents carefully removed from the original sheet metal when possible. I was not able to save the original hood, a rust free OEM replacement hood was installed and a replica VIN sticker showing the vehicle VIN has been placed on the hood (And left front fender) from Pukar Designs. Right front fender (was lightly bent by the deer) has been meticulously straightened and repaired all-metal at great cost and bears the originality so coveted by M3 owners. Every panel on the car including both bumpers, doors, spoiler, trunk is original except an OEM replacement fender and hood.

    The under body of the car is very very clean, especially considering the mileage. Battery box is the only area showing evidence of corrosion with some minor deterioration around the original battery vapor tank outlet. It has been ground back and POR15d along with a replacement OEM tank installed.

    Suspension is factory except for Bilstein yellows front and rear (about 10 years old). Very comfy, but not as sporting as a lowered chassis. I wanted an original looking car, so it is.

    Steering is not original. The car bears a Z 3 1.9 2.7 turn steering rack, E 36 power steering components and S54 power steering pump.

    Interior is all original, and all very nice except for the drivers bolsters which are quite worn. I have been searching for a convertible or M3 pearl beige horizontal stitch seat for some time but no success yet. 87-88 only color. Original radio still installed and operating fine, original Mtech 1 steering wheel, original cluster, F and R seats, carpet, floor mats (wrapped in plastic, good shape). Dash is somehow crack-free. Maplight mirror works well.

    Mechanicals.. Well here we have it. This car didn't have an S14 when I bought it, but that S52 is just not a special engine so since I had done the swap before, I decided to source a 2002 BMW S54B32 from a wrecked 6 speed vert from Wisconsin with 132k miles, preventatively changed the rod bearings for VAC coated units, ARP2000 rod bolts, Fastenal 12.9 hardened fillister bolts with loctite in the cam sprockets and inspected vanos oil drive hub. After 1000 miles of driving, an oil analysis was sent to Blackstone and the engine came back with a flying-colors clean bill of health. The engine runs a factory BMW Siemens MSS54 ECU, retains OBD2 functionality but non needed items like secondary air pump, rear oxygen sensors, DSC, CANbus have all been disabled and the Euro tune has been flashed (requiring 91 octane minimum, 93 preferred). This engine pulls insanely hard, so much so it is almost frightening. Exhaust system is factory USM exhaust manifolds, cats removed, custom V band link, custom y-pipe, v-band downpipe, vibrant 2.5" resonator and Magnaflow 14815 muffler to mimic the stromung catback look of an S14 car. Car doesn't drone and has good highway manners but sounds very menacing under power. Transmission is a 5 speed ZF S5D 310Z out of a 96 M3. shifts well. ZHP shift knob, Z3 shift lever. Factory 96 M3 drive shaft. E30 325i 3.73 LSD differential. The S54 has a Mishimoto -10AN oil cooler adapter for the stock cooler housing and a large oil cooler in the OEM location with stainless braided lines. Heater is fully operational as is tachometer, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, speedometer. Economy gauge in OBC is not functional, oil temperature gauge in cluster is not operational but an S14 sensor could be adapted to fit the S54 housing and 1 wire is needed for operation.

    Additional items: Spare tire and wheel are an OEM gold center 15" E30 M3 BBS with tire that holds air. Jack cover and battery cover present, full tool kit with spark plug tool present. Jack is present. OEM E30 euro headlight washer system is installed (complete kit included, but not currently operational). Headlights are new DEPO units, fog lights and brackets are new OEM BMW units. Grilles are Euro type Kopi units. Owners manual and supplement included. All four brake calipers were new re manufactured units under 2000 miles ago, along with rotors and pads. Vehicle has manual brake conversion with Massive Motorsports kit and a 318 i master cylinder.

    All known faults:

    -drivers seat bolsters worn

    -sunroof headliner fabric adhesive pulling away from backing

    -coolant return capillary tube is make shift and although works perfectly, is not attractive. (I'll be changing this to machine-bent stainless steel tubing soon.)

    -glove box contains the S54 ECU and all relays/wiring and as such is not really usable as a glove box anymore. Original owners manual is present and included.

    -fog lights not connected due to missing passenger side plastic plug on chassis harness pins.

    -oil temperature gauge in cluster is not operational due to sender type being very different

    -On Board Computer MPG / Range functions not functional due to S54 swap*

    -AC non functional, not present

    -ABS non functional due to wheel speed or ABS computer fault

    Car is available with either 16" E38 wheels / Dunlop ZII tires as shown or 15" OEM wheels and DZ102 tires as shown.

    Selling only because I have two of these cars and to free up some garage space. NOT motivated seller, please refrain from submitting offers below $38,000 which is my price. $41,000 is my craigslist/outsider price.

    Thanks for looking.

    again, photos here:

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    It is such a pleasure to see "the project" to be close to finish, instead of changing hands and missing part by part every time. Salute to the seller for hard work getting this car to current shape!.


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      Hey how's it going?
      Gorgeous m3, I'm actually selling my e46 m3 race car right now to purchase one.
      Just a shot in the dark but you wouldn't have any interest in trading for a Race Car by chance would you??


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        Good morning fellas -- not looking to replace the car, just looking to see whats out there as far as rehoming. I'd like to be debt free once again and selling this would net just barely enough at 37k to pay off my F355 and free up a garage space for my daily driver which has been sitting outside for 2+ years now!

        I don't expect a quick sale, but I think the price is a bargain for what the car is.

        Looking in to getting seat uphosltery fixed, and the stainless hardline for the coolant return has arrived, so if I get to some of the final pieces, price may increase at those parts costs.


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          coolant capillary line is now machine bent stainless-steel hard line, so remove that from the 'known issues' category.


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            My advice - The car deserves an interior swap to black with Recaro SRD seats. Don't waste money on new Pearl Beige interior.

            There may be a lot of work put into this but the reality is that the car still appears to have some rust. I won't speculate on the true value of the car. If it was clean top to bottom, inside out it would be worth $40-45k+ all day long. In it's current condition you may have a tough time getting your number.

            One thing that would be helpful - post a separate gallery of what the car looks like today, and a separate one of the history / build. I would like to see the current condition alone without having to wade through the build photos.


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              I've got a nice black interior a prospective buyer can discuss with me about acquiring as well. it's not an EVO, so SRDs would seem a bit absurd.

              You've got your metrics, I've got mine -- we'll leave that at that. car is happy sitting in the garage until the right person for the car shows up.

              Once there are fresh, detailed photos of the car in a few weeks when the roads are clear of road salt, I can post an additional full res gallery.

              I've got nothing to hide on the car -- its shown there naked, damaged under a tarp and now for whomever to decide whatever they want about it.

              Either way, Thanks for looking and for posting your thoughts.


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                [QUOTE=2.5-12;n1254299] pay off my F355 QUOTE]

                Do you work on these cars yourself? The media portrays these cars as nightmares to own due to maintanence costs although I have never owned one.

                Anyway bump.

                E30M3 is a Legend


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                  yes. I documented the entire engine-out on my M5.2 F355. youtube user camper1234599

                  theres almost 20 videos on the black 88 M3 here in there too documenting the whole process from purchase till about June of last year.


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                    4/13/17 update: belt, idler, tensioner and alternator just replaced with new OEM components after voltage regulator wore out in original alternator.


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                      bump -- shes happy as a clam sitting in the garage but still available for anyone that might be looking!


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                        Originally posted by 2.5-12 View Post
                        pay off my F355 QUOTE]

                        Do you work on these cars yourself? The media portrays these cars as nightmares to own due to maintanence costs although I have never owned one.

                        Anyway bump.
                        I had one for about a year. It was trouble free, but I was paranoid about it ever needing a serious servicing so I sold it.


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                          bummer. they're not THAT bad to service with a lift and lift cart handy!


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