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Something screwy with this 88 AW that claims 53k miles

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  • Something screwy with this 88 AW that claims 53k miles

    Something is definitely screwy here.... the interior is from a normal 3-series.

    Check the seats and e-brake boot

    And the rear shelf/third brake light

    A VIN search shows this is a former track car that has had the cage removed and the 325 interior installed.

    eBay listing also claims 53k miles, but the r3v ad shows 93k.

    Also see:

    Buyers beware of this ad with no previous history disclosure.,

    Alles Beste!

    B. Wheaton
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    I thought the same thing. There's no way this car has 50k miles looking the way it does with incorrect interior. People are buying these low mile track cars and fixing them up trying to pass them off as clean low mileage street cars with no mention of it's history. Looks like the sellers are reaping the benefits as this one is already at $50k with 6 days left...amazing. I do remember Wild Ride posting this car on R3v. Good work B.



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      Nice detective work. You should post the VIN so searching buyers find this thread.
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        VIN: WBSAK0308J2197387 Ebay item: 142301700731
        For Future search
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          Carfax shows "mileage inconsistency" recorded on 5/5/1998 with 53,397 mi.
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            I noticed that interior too, but not all those other clues. Good catch on the track car history. What a scam.


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              What a damn shame...... I might use my "other " ebay account and win this auction

              Should have left it a track car. AW and fully caged, what's not to love

              E30M3 is a Legend


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                Can it be reported to Ebay as fraudulent? Also, when you ask the seller a question does it automatically appear at the bottom of the ad, or can the seller choose to suppress the display of the question? If all questions are displayed, then once could ask the seller to explain the huge difference in odo reading and the incorrect interior, and why the car is being fraudulently represented.


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                  Selling my E30 M3 which is in SUPER clean condition. Runs and drives beautifully. Engine pulls very strong and it works like new. It has been a CALIFORNIA car its whole life. RUST FREE.

                  Thinking that might be Will's old car, he moved out that way Mario or Chris can confirm that.
                  Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


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                    yea thats an e30 interior for sure. Someone found a complete gray e30 sport interior and just swapped it right over. The most telling sign is the dual taillights in the rear. The whole point of them relocating the 3rd brake light to the top of the glass was because of the wing, yet genius whoever installed this didn't think anything of it and just moved the entire shelve over as is.


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                      Rear third light may also be due to regular e30 rear deck shelf is different than the m3 and he would have been stuck with a void there.


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                        That listing was attempted fraud, no doubt about it. The sad part is that if this car were honestly represented it would still sell for respectable money in today's market, but greed is a powerful emotion...


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                          Not the only M3 the seller has tried to sell.


                          His feedback is all positive and include a couple Ferrari's for $200k +

                          BTW, I am new here and this is my first post. I have been a long time follower of the forum but never signed up. I have been recently looking for a M3 (more serious than before) and I saw this post about the track car turned street car. I remember when that car was for sale in R3v! I figured I'd post up about the seller's other escapades so hopefully someone doesn't get burned.


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                            something is not adding up.


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                              His car is on eBay again.

                              I got excited at first but decided to do some digging which led me to the r3vlimited thread and the finally here. Buyer beware.