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WTB: E30 m3. Something to drive. No major stipulations. Around a 40k USD budget.

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  • WTB: E30 m3. Something to drive. No major stipulations. Around a 40k USD budget.

    Hey all,
    Looking for an e30 and getting ready to pull the trigger. I know 40(ish) isn't going to buy me something perfect or even close to it, but want something that I will be able to drive as I fix/modify things. The car will be hopefully a forever car. I'm 6.5 years into e36 m3 ownership and understand what these cars entail with the knowledge that the s14 is a totally different beast than the NA spec S52 motor. My first car was an E30 325 18 years ago, and I have driven modded/enthusiast cars since then.
    I would really prefer an s14 car but will consider s50/52 swaps as long as they are done very well, with OEM standards for finishing. Modded cars are totally fine. Rebuilt titles are considered but A) must be properly documented and/or have a clear pass on a PPI and B) can not be flood related as we are not allowed to re-register flood related salvage cars. Long term owners are held in extremely high regard to me, but I will consider any amount of owners/ ownership lengths on a car.

    List of things that are important to me:
    Reliable runner
    no serious structural rust
    No stripped race/track cars that can not easily be returned to street cars (cages, fuel cells, major weight reduction, etc)
    Not worried about:
    interior condition
    minor to medium paint defects
    looming maintenance like tires, suspension, bushings, etc.
    colour combinations
    Dot-R panels
    Year of manufacture

    I'm located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, but willing to either travel or ship cars.

    Thanks for reading, you can get ahold of me quickly at
    [email protected]


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    You should be able to find a nice drivers car for $40k. Have you seen this one in Kirkland, WA?


    • Westopher
      Westopher commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the heads up! I'm contacted the seller last week about it and just waiting on some more details and underbody shots but the guy I was dealing with it is away for the week. The looking out is appreciated!

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    I’m selling one that’s fits most of your description.
    91 DS M3
    97 Estoril M3/4/5
    02 Japanrot 325iT