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FS 1990 DS M3 S38 3.6 swap

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  • FS 1990 DS M3 S38 3.6 swap

    I love this car and I don't want to part with it. However if I can find the right buyer who understands what it is worth then maybe i can consider selling it, as I don't have time to drive it much and I feel bad it sits in the garage. Im asking 70k, which many may think is absurd, but that is fine. I am not in a rush to sell this car and I don't mind in the least just holding onto it. I have put SOOOO much time, money, and sweat into this car, and driving it is a euphoric experience. it puts your back in the seat in a way the s14 really cannot. (not that I dont love s14s) here are some details:
    • clean title. Car has 20k miles on odometer. (since new engine was installed) and had 120k on the chassis before the previous owner, who i speak with often, completely rebuilt the car incluidng full respray to original ds. All wok done by Edge automotive, the absolute best at working on fast bmws in my area.
      • Some of the upgrades I have made to the car, all of which i have paperwork for.
      • TC Klein custom built 1/2 cage. expertly installed, zero space between roll bars and pillars/roof. Literally perfect fit that looks factory and the connected to the rear towers so truly functional. Carpet and paneling installed in rear seat area, super clean looking. Also is set up to allow easy modification to full cage or even removal if customer wants.
      • Recaro Profi XL buckets and Schroth Enduro hans harnesses
      • AP BBK kit, huge rotors and calipers that have incredible stopping power. Feel a 10x improvement over stock breaks, especially with the s33
      • BBS LM: these were very hard to find in M3 fitment that will fit over the AP BBK. Spent an arm and a leg on these but they really make the car imo.
      • New carbon hood: the carbon hood that came with the car had faded with time, so I replaced it with a nicer one that has a much better fit and alignment. can easily be painted to match ca (althogh DS and CF are pretty close color wise.)
      • Stock stereo lookalike with bluetooth enabled, still have the stock stereo
      • Alcantara OEM evo steering wheel
      • brand new leather mushroom shifter.
      • all types of ground control goodies, since the stock supension towers and some parts were pretty tired in the state I bought them.
      • replaced engine mounts
      • Replaced alternator
      • Went through all the hoops (~6 months of work) to get the engine swap California smog certified. So now you can go into any smog shop and show them the sticker and they will smog it despite it being modified.
      • Brand New OEM floor carpet. The grey floor that came with the car was pretty tired, thankfully BMW still had some black ones lying around and I swooped one up.
      • Soooooo much more work, all with paperwork, especially little mechanical things. The car is just great and even typing this all out I am having serious second thoughts. Took so long to get that damn smog sticker hahah let me know what you think.

        there are some poor quality pics, sorry I dont have better ones.

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      In case your heart is still set on an S38.
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        Appreciate the thought! Sticking s14 for now haha