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  • 1990 M3 For Sale

    Hi All !

    I'm getting ready to ship my 1990 E30 M3 to Houston Texas for sale.

    I also own an E34 M5 Touring and due to work, age and some other factors it's getting to be a bit too much for me Click image for larger version

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ID:	1291570 to run these 2 great cars, as intended, down here.

    I thought to post this up here so that when the car arrives anyone interested can have a first shot at buying it.

    Car is a driver, not a garage queen and as such it's in almost perfect mechanical condition. Everything on the car is stock except the stereo which I'll remove before shipping it and the fuel pump that I swapped with a Walbro unit.

    It's on an original engine and gearbox that run perfectly with new injectors, rotor, coil, distributor cap, engine mounts, trans mounts, belts, intake hose, all shock absorbers are new Bilsteins, control arms and bushings are brand new, stab. links both front and rear.

    Best part is when I bought the car it came with a trunk load of genuine BMW M3 I have about 5 oil filters, 5 fuel filters, all the wheel bearings all the relays, actuators, 5 sets of brake pads. I also have all the coolant hoses, belts, rear lights, 3 air filters,a set of E36 control arms and a host of other parts.

    The paint on the car isn't original and needs a bit of work on the front bumper and rear spoiler. Also, I noticed that the passenger side front fender is DOT R so it had been changed previously....other than that all body panels are original.

    Interior is in very good shape, the leather seats look much better than their age and the dash is blemish less.

    Now the major issues with it, as can be expected with a 30 year old M3 driver are:

    1. There is slight rust developing on the driver's side, just around the shock tower...other than that, the usual E30 rust points are rust free.

    2. I removed the cats but will place them in the car prior to shipping.

    3. The tachometer doesn't work and the odometer gears haven't been fixed, although I have the parts from Garagistic.

    4. A few.paint imperfections and that's about it.

    As I stated, car is a driver, heck, they were meant to be driven, and it will make someone that wants to own one and drive it very happy.

    Car is currently on about 80k miles based on my it will arrive Houston anyone interested will be able to inspect it.

    This forum has been wonderful and even after the sale I'll still be here.

    If you want additional information just PM and I'll respond in a timely manner.


    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    1990 M3

    Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your M3


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      Honestly I haven't considered a price yet as I'm not Stateside but will be open to offers.

      I'm scheduled to send it to Houston next month so anyone that shows firm interest can go and inspect it or have someone inspect it for them once it arrives.

      I posted it here first to give everyone a heads up that it's on it way over and would really love for it to stay within this family.

      I'll update the thread as the process develops.


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        Brief update.

        I had the control arms, stabilizer linkeages and tie rods changed on Monday with Genuine BMW parts. I did some work myself and a mechanic friend helped with the rest.

        Labour costs here are comparatively low compared to Europe and the US so i'll be adding some more of the parts I have to save the new owner on labour costs.



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          Please check your messages. I’m interested in your car, my email is [email protected]. Thanks !


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            What is the price?


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              Originally posted by Afonsom3 View Post
              What is the price?
              Looking for $55-58k.

              When the car gets to Houston you can go see just how good the engine and complete car is.


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