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FS: USA titled / registered Evo II

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  • FS: USA titled / registered Evo II

    Weird typing this up but the time might be right to sell my Evo II. I imported it in 2014 exactly when it was legal to import. Titled and registered in the USA. Cared for well. Driven shamefully little. 149342km on the clock so it was never a garage queen to begin with. I've probably only added a couple thousand miles to it since purchasing it (need to look through paperwork to see exact number). Right when I bought it I did a full period correct rebuild on the engine for which I obviously have all of the documentation. I have a huge binder of previous owner paperwork and documentation as well. I had it appraised for insurance when it arrived in 2014 for $90k. I'm pretty in tune with the collector market and of course I saw that insane unicorn sell last month. But this isn't that car, it's a different car. It is in very good condition but isn't currently in concourse trim. Body is fantastic, interior is fantastic. Underside is great with some surface corrosion on some suspension parts owing to the fact that it lived a part of its life in London. I had it inspected again when it arrived in the USA by a classic car restorer and his advice would be to source some new suspension components as time and finances allowed if I wanted to try to make it mint but I've always wanted it to just stay the way it was when I purchased it so I haven't done any cosmetic work on it. I could see a buyer doing a full restoration because it is such a rare car or *gasp* just driving it as is because that is what it was made for and this isn't a 5,000 mile bubble car.

    If you are interested shoot me an email and let me know what price range you are in. Obviously exact price can be reached based on conversation and inspection but I won't bother with anyone who is lowballing. We all know that there were only 500 of these made - it's a special car.

    I don't NEET to sell it right now. I'm not in distress. I'm mostly just watching my kids grow up too fast and wanting to put the money into a different type of asset that the family can enjoy more together.

    The car runs and drives perfectly although just today I took the Euro exhaust off so I can work on putting a USA exhaust in so that I can pass the smog sniff test and drive it a bit more. (It passes fine with a USA exhaust but fails with the Evo II exhaust.)

    I actually bought the car here on from a gentleman in the UK so I thought I would test the waters here first to potentially keep it in the community. I really don't like the drama of BAT and online auctions even though I suppose there is at least the chance of fetching more there.

    When I bought this car I didn't waste the seller's time. I wired him $1000 (non refundable) to hold it for me while I lined up the money. He had a number of buyers interested and I didn't want to miss out on the chance to own one of these. Then I had the car inspected in London by a third party while I verified his paperwork. Then I wired the balance, did all of the importation paperwork, arranged shipment to USA, and picked it up myself in Galveston, TX. This is how I do things and if someone here ends up buying it this is how I will expect things to be similarly handled.

    monovich @ gmail . com

    Here are some photos that I took of it in 2016. Still looks the same.

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    Oh man, I remember following your thread for the import and engine rebuild on this. I imported my Evo2 just a couple years after you.
    Beautiful car, best of luck for a smooth sale!
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      Try taking some better up close photos , would probably save you some hassle. very nice car good luck


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        My very favorite E30M3, of all the various iterations that came out during the E30M3s time, a Misano Red Evo 2 is my grail car.
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          Originally posted by francogt1 View Post
          Try taking some better up close photos , would probably save you some hassle. very nice car good luck
          I'm definitely happy to photograph the car in detail, but to me the starting point is finding out if there is a buyer in the market in the correct price range before I spend additional time documenting.


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            I think the starting point would be letting people know what you want for it. I'm sure finding a buyer isn't going to be hard, they cant go get another one haha.