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FS: 1988 BMW M3 - 2.5L - Lachsilber on Black - Richard John's car - 10 Brooks

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  • FS: 1988 BMW M3 - 2.5L - Lachsilber on Black - Richard John's car - 10 Brooks

    (My part of) The Story of 10 Brooks

    It started about six years ago. I was actually sitting in a McDonald's play place with my family when I found this M3 on the inter-webs. The listing was pretty brief, but it discussed a 1988 Lachsilber M3 that had a 2.5L engine rebuild from the well known Ron Checca, as well as a huge documented repair history. It was located in NC, so not exactly next door. The previous owner (DS) had owned the car for about seven years. He had purchased it from the widow of his best friend Richard John, who had purchased it brand new for her husband as an anniversary gift. The car included all of the history, and receipts of anything and everything done to the car, as well as the name 10 Brooks (abbreviated below as 10Bx) .

    DS was able to bring the car up to me about a week later with his cousin, a diesel truck, and a trailer. I was so excited, I could barely stand it. When they pulled up to the house, I went out to meet them. Even in the dark, I could tell that 10 Brooks was a special car. He fired it up, and I felt like it was going to wake up the entire neighborhood! It was low, loud, and enough to give me goose bumps as he pulled it into my driveway. I didn't even drive it. I wanted it. It had to be mine. We walked into my garage and I asked him where the name 10 Brooks came from. It turns out, that it's from an old country song by Bill Monroe entitled Molly and Tenbrooks. The song discusses a racehorse that reminded the original owner of how the M3 could make its way around a racetrack. What a story!

    I love this kind of thing! In my opinion, the story is half of the fun of any car purchase. When we get down to it, the cars that we drive are a passion, but the relationships and memories that we gain are priceless!

    Here is a quick list of the work that I have done to 10Bx since I purchased it... I'm sure that I am missing some things too...

    -Full exterior detail – wax & clay bar

    -Full exterior paintless dent removal (PDR) of all door dings

    -Remove race seats and cage

    -Plug any/all holes with black PVC plugs and black silicone

    -Source front and rear seats (thanks Ron), carpet, center console, C-Pillar covers, rear parcel shelf, grab handles, glove box, kick panel, door panels (front and rear) etc. and fully install the interior (HUGE job)

    -Install new trunk carpets and rear firewall panel

    -Remove broken rear subframe and install newly refinished rear subframe

    -Install Poly rear subframe bushings

    -Install new center support bearing

    -Install new flex disc

    -Install new shifter bushings

    -Installed freshly re-painted full exhaust system with "modified" Supersprint DTM tipped muffler. The car sounds good but is not “too loud”. It is very streetable now.

    -Install new BMW Original windshield (this was actually quite a feat!)

    -Install new spark plugs

    -Install new/used EVO lower airbox

    -Install new distributer cap and rotor

    -Rebuild instrument cluster so the tachometer now works

    -install new turn signal switch

    -install new steering column plastic covers

    -Fix oil leaks related to the larger 7 quart Motorsport oil pans

    -Installed rebuilt custom 5:1 LSD with 75% lock up and aluminum finned rear cover

    -Installed Turner 2.5 chip in known working ECU and installed in car.

    -Installed new custom painted lightweight 17” Apex wheels with new RA1’s

    -Fresh oil and filter

    -Remove dead battery, clean the battery compartment, and repaint factory color. Install brand new battery and vent kit.

    10Bx has 122,XXX miles and climbing. I drive it to work on nice days in the summer (about a 45 mile round trip) since I am fortunate enough to be able to park it at my office in an underground parking lot – so to my knowledge there are no dash cracks or rear wing cracks.

    The built 2.5L S14 from our friend Ron Checca runs superbly! It pulls very hard up in the RPM’s, especially with the 5:1 LSD! Richard was an engineer. He kept very detailed records of the car, and I still have all of them – like 12” of a file cabinet worth to be exact, including all of the records during my ownership as well.

    10Bx has seen the track prior to my ownership – hence the previously installed cage. All of the body panels are original except the passenger front fender. At some point as well, an aftermarket one-piece bumper was also installed since it is lighter and easier to remove/install as needed for trailering. The Carfax is squeaky clean as well as the Autocheck – no damage or accidents listed on either one! Similarly, it lived most of its life in a warm climate (and I certainly never drive it in crappy weather), so it is very clean. I have not seen any rust on it during any if its time up on my lift. That being said, 10Bx is not a garage queen. I drive this car. It has stone chips that have been touched up (see photos) and I am not afraid to park it in a parking lot to get coffee, burgers, go to car shows etc. which I have done through all of the roughly six years of my ownership. 10 Brooks is fast, fun, and great looking. It is not, however perfect. Please do not expect a “restored car”.

    For those that require emissions, I have a factory catalytic convertor and muffler in my attic stock, and the stock set of wheels/tires that could potentially be factored into the equation somehow.

    If interested, please contact me to discuss in more detail. I am asking $58,000 for 10Bx as it sits.

    More photos can be viewed here:

    Thanks much,
    Chris W.
    414-58seven-1789 (feel free to text)

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    It warms my heart just to see it.
    Spent so many laps running with this car and its very special original owner.

    GLWS, I hope it goes ro to great new home and the new owner who understands just how special of a car it is.
    I think my allergies are acting up.
    jimmy p.
    87 E30 M3 Prodrive British Touring Car
    88 E30 M3 Zinnoberot - Street
    88 E30 M3 Lachsilber - Race (#98 SCCA SPU)
    92 E30 M Technic Cabrio - S14 POWERED!
    98 318Ti M44, Base - Morea Green
    04 Ford F350 - V10


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      Thanks Jimmy - much appreciated. I wholeheartedly agree! I am looking for 10 Brooks' next caretaker. If someone is willing to step up and drive it (and love it) I will sell. If not, I will keep it in the stable and let it stretch it legs on nice days here in good old WI.

      Be well,


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        Beautiful car, beautiful story. Cars like this deserve a great custodian as you have been for many years.

        E30M3 is a Legend


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          Thanks for the kind words Mike! Much appreciated.


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            Good morning everyone. Thanks for all the interest in the car. As of this morning, it is still available - no deposits received as of yet.

            I also thought it worth mentioning that 10 Brooks has a BMW factory EVO2 rear spoiler that is painted to match and installed under the existing boot spoiler. I haven't seen another one in person actually, and I think it adds some flavor to the car.

            Happy motoring,


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              Sold to a great home. Mods please close.