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FS: 1990 M3 Alpine White II ex-EAG $92,500

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  • FS: 1990 M3 Alpine White II ex-EAG $92,500

    Putting my 1990 M3 up for sale. I purchased the car from EAG in June 2018. As best as I can tell from the CarFax, I am the third (possibly fourth) owner The car has 67,772 miles as of this writing. Car when purchased had 59,712 miles. Mileage can be documented from day one through current day.

    The car is in all original condition with many new parts (listed below). Everything works as it should. The car runs and drives flawlessly. It has had a repaint, but from what I can tell it is of high quality. No accidents that I am aware of, and none reported by CarFax.

    The car is 32 years old and does have a few minor paint chips. Nothing however that detracts from the car. The interior is all original and in excellent condition. There is a small blemish on the inside driver's seat leg bolster.

    In the effort of full disclosure, I ran the car in HPDE events here in Portland for two seasons. Roughly 6 to 7 events per season. The car did have a roll bar in it, (it is now removed) and has four holes on each side of the rear seat footwell where the roll bar was attached. These can be easily plugged or welded closed.

    The car has always received the highest level of care and service, especially during track season. The oil and filter was changed every two events and the trans and diff fluids at the beginning of each spring. If a part looked worn or was worn it got replaced. That is just the way I keep my cars. I don't wait for something to break before it gets attention.

    I have been through various suspension setups over the years and the car currently rides on Koni adjustable dampers. The rear dampers are the special TC Kline DA units and H&R Race Springs.

    The car sits on Yokohama Advan A052 tires (225/50R15) and original wheels. Tires were purchased 10/2021 and have full tread (I did not use these tires on the track).

    Here is a brief list of the major parts replaced under my ownership and currently on the car:

    Koni Front Dampers (12/2021)
    Koni Rear Dampers TC Kline Double Adjustable (12/2021)
    H&R Race Springs
    BMW OEM Front Upper Shock Mount (these are the offset versions)
    AKG Motorsport Rear Shock Mounts (12/2021)
    Rebuilt Front and Rear Brake Calipers (9/2021)
    Bosch Battery (01/2022)
    Shift Linkage Rebuilt (08/2022)
    New Control Arms and CSS Bushings (11/2020)
    VAC ATI Crank Damper (04/2021)
    OEM Engine and Transmission Mounts (10/2021)
    BMW Motorsports EVO Flywheel and Sachs Performance Clutch (2/2020)
    New OEM Rotors and Stoptech Sport Pads (9/2021)

    Car has the OEM muffler and a SuperSprint resonated center section. I also have the OEM catalyzed center section as well.

    Other parts that will come with the car:

    New OEM oil cooler
    OEM front and rear springs
    Extra 071 ECU Bench Tested by ProgRama
    OEM Grills (car has the Euro grills on it currently)
    Fog lights
    Assorted small parts

    I am hoping the next caretaker of this car will enjoy it as much as I have. It is a timeless classic.

    Why am I selling? I have enjoyed the car immensely however I am preparing a new HPDE build and plan on using the proceeds from this sale to fund it. I am also very limited on garage space and don't have room for another vehicle, so hard choices must be made!

    I am happy to answer any questions you may have and also happy to have a PPI performed for the serious buyer. Please PM me to get things started.

    I cannot believe I am saying this, however we all know the value of these cars, especially ones with low mileage. Please be considerate and thoughtful when presenting an offer.

    Link to pictures here:!Aub4lVJs5CwQgeo1...b4GYQ?e=Fqxpkk The pictures don't do the car justice. I probably should have hired a professional, but we'll see how it goes.

    Thanks for looking,

    1990 M3

    Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your M3

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    Whoa, what a car! This won't last long. Kudos for posting here. Better chance of it getting into the right hands for it's next stage in life.

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      i've worked on this car several times, and can attest to the condition. cars of this caliber, simply, do not come up for sale often. it's been driven often, but very well cared for and maintained excellently. Mark, truly, is a wonderful individual - the absolute best kind of person to purchase a vehicle from. whoever is fortunate enough to be this M3's next steward, is getting an excellent example, and my hope is, that it will be loved and used, for generations to come.

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        A few more items about the car:

        Alternator was replaced with new (reman) Bosch AL140x (1/2022)

        Car has the IIGOMOTIV chip installed. Spare ECU (mentioned in previous post) has factory BMW chip.

        In addition to the SuperSprint resonated center section I also have the SS muffler (back box) as well. So a full SS exhaust will come with the car.

        The car has Suspension Techniques 22mm front and 19mm rear sway bars installed. I also have the OEM sway bars which will be included.

        BMW Z3M finned differential cover is installed on the car.

        The A/C was gone through in August of this year. I replaced the dryer / receiver as well as the Schrader valves for the high and low pressure ports (they were leaking). System was fully evacuated and then recharged with 2 lbs of R12.

        The valve clearances were checked 11/2020 (64,498 miles) and found to be as follows:

        Cyl 1: .012/.013
        Cyl 2: .012/.012
        Cyl 3: .012/.012
        Cyl 4: .013/.013

        Cyl 1: .011/.011
        Cyl 2: .011/.012
        Cyl 3: .011/.012
        Cyl 4: .012/.012

        Compression was taken prior to my purchase in 2018 when the car had 59,442 miles on it. The results are as follows:

        Cyl 1: 220
        Cyl 2: 219
        Cyl 3: 220
        Cyl 4: 210

        No reason to think much has changed over the last 8,330 miles.


        1990 M3

        Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your M3


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          Well . . . gave it a shot here. Thanks for looking.

          BaT has accepted my car so I will be listing it there. Should be up in the next couple of weeks.

          1990 M3

          Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your M3


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            Moderator - Please delete.

            Thank you,
            1990 M3

            Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your M3