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1988 slvr M3

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    What's the bottom line price? Thanks.

    Originally posted by LachSlvrE30M3
    bump for a great car.....i need to sell this car ASAP so anyone who is interested please advise


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      call me and make me an offer



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        I think I remember this car from Wilkes-Barre, PA in 1997. I test drove it and spoke to the guy who had the car repaired. He told me the car was stolen and had a light front hit; but it needed the wiring harnesses in the dash and engine compartment replaced. The electrical work was evidently very extensive and led to the total loss.

        The owner was from Germany and his brother was supposedly a master technician and repaired the car correctly. I really wanted to buy it and it ran very strong. It was in great condition and still had the original grey interior. He was asking $8k, and I couldn't scrape up the cash. I was still in college at the time. This car is the reason I have a lachssilber car in my garage now. It was absolutely stunning, and the first silver car I'd ever seen in person.

        This was over ten years ago, so my recollections could be a little foggy. The carfax history seems to line up perfectly with the timeframe and location.