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Feeler: 1990 possibly for sale Alameda, CA

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  • Feeler: 1990 possibly for sale Alameda, CA

    233K miles on motor/chassis.

    Typical issues with that milage car. It is my daily driver and noticed a oil/coolant leak on garage floor that gave me a sign, along with the miles and advice from E30 M3 guru's, that repairs are in the future.

    After I discovered the leak I continue to drive it but don't rev it passed 4-5K RPM for fear of something catastrophic happening. Maybe I'm paranoid but oh well...

    Right now I'm searching for a good used motor and if that does not pan out, I'll put her up for sale and use the proceeds to fund my 71 2002 race car project.

    Correct me if I'm way off base but if/when I do decide to sell the price would be between 5K - 8K at this time.

    99% stock. if you want anymore info/pictures.

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    Where are you, and the car located?


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      Alameda, California (San Francisco Bay Area).


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        FYI. The car will have the windshield replaced 01/10/06, and I'll have a decision whether to keep/sell in a few weeks.




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          If you decide to sell it I am very interested

          I can be reached at if not here on the forum


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            I'm looking to buy one at the end of the month and that is in my price range. Very interested, let me know if you decide to let it go.

            1988 M3 - Cone killer
            1989 325iC - M50 project
            2004 X5
            2005 GMC HD Crew


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              They did not have the windshield in stock so it is being replaced this Monday 01/23.

              New Status, I just submitted for a new pink slip which will be delivered in 3-4 weeks.

              Once that comes I'll have all the info and a abundance of pictures to post... since it is very likely I WILL sell the car at that time.