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WTB: E30 M3 in NY - Tristate area

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  • WTB: E30 M3 in NY - Tristate area

    Im looking for a BMW E30 M3 in good condition. Looking for a local buy in NY or the surrounding TriState Area.
    Currently looking for and wanting to learn about the BMW E30 M3

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    I'll respond to your post in the Maxx NY/NJ tune thread here since it's more relevant. There is not a clear mileage to price correlation in these cars like that is in newer cars. It's more about the overall condition of the car, it's records, history, paint, VIN #s, mods, etc. 9k for a 12x,000 mile car is probably resonable. That is considered low mileage for a 17-18 year old car and you probably won't need a rebuild. A total rebuild will cost lots of $, more than you want to spend (~15k). From what I've seen, most bottom ends will last until a rod is spun at the track. I honestly can't remember an engine that has has spun a bearing or broken a timing chain or thrown a rod or lost compression when driven on the street, though I'm sure it's happened. Usually the head gets worn around 150-180k and will benefit from a rebuild. Good luck with the sale and PM any questions you want.

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      mine is up for sale 88 white/black 83k miles. you can contact me at [email protected] for info.
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