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not mine, found on Denver craigslist

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  • not mine, found on Denver craigslist

    Not my car, I just found this (I don't know the seller)

    bmw 1988 e30 m3 runs strong looks nice - $5900
    Date: 2006-10-18, 3:36PM MDT

    A crazy low price for an E30M3 that works. I've seen them for almost this price either crashed and not working or with blown motors. This car does need some care and attention, but I've never otherwise seen an E30 M3 offered that is manageble to deal with for such a low price. It does have some issues, but it looks pretty good and is a very strong runner. I just want to sell it fast as I'm tired of being in this love/hate relationship. Since I obsess about details and since I don't have time to deal with stuff, and since the car is simply too small for the family, it really must go. I'd prefer to sell it to someone local as I want someone to look at it, drive it, and make sure it is just right for them. For the right person this is a dream. For the wrong person it will be a curse. Are you that right person?

    When the car was at Bimmerhaus last year (only 5K miles since then and still in the same condition) they said it appeared above average mechanically and they agreed that it was a good compromise car between a creampuff and one that was a budget wreck. At that time compression was even at 155lbs on all 4 which when adjusted for Denver-Boulder Altitude is good. Car is Diamontswarz (metallic black). The car has the ultra-rare BMW option glass sunroof too!

    Now the issues. I am very fussy so remember that many cars described as being excellent condition will have many of the listed issues, but I'm laying it out here. You aren't getting a 13K car at a firesale,but you are getting a crazy good deal if you are the "right" buyer who knows what they are getting into.

    Engine has typical leaks, but with 20/50 oil in summer goes through a quart in about 1,300k miles. Cap and rotor and coil are new, as are both fuel pumps. Car does have some hesitation when pushed real hard when hot, and car has starting difficulty when cold. Might be a fuel pressure regulator/cold start valve/ or some electrical gremlin. Car is also due in a few hundred miles for its 15K valve adjustment. I do have lots of records for the car going back to 1995 or so.

    Milleage on the odometer says 104.5K. Title is clean. Carfax though shows that a title was issued in Florida years ago with inaccurate mileage. So true mileage is uncertain. Bimmerhaus thought odometer mileage was appropriate, but I'm not so sure. Given strength of motor, I'd guess odometer is either correct or perhaps true mileage is more like 140K ish.

    Despite clean title, car has had body work on drivers side. It was done many many years ago (I've known this car since 1995 or so and it was done before then). Upon close inspection one can identify where the body work was done as there is ever so slight corrosion if you look carefully at some of the seams or at the rear wheel well. Its so minor and since we're in Colorado it really isn't a problem. From the underside, the car is quite clean - expected since the car is from Florida originally but did spend maybe a year or two up north. I also spotted a bit of seeming external rust by the fusebox - but one of my mechanics nearly laughed when I said I was concerned about it. There is also sum rust where the spare tire goes (just surface, looks like from a spill) and the underside in that area looks fantastic.

    There are 16" wheels on the car now, but it also comes with bbs 15's that I think are original. All the tires are pretty worn - especially since I apparently ran the car with the front end toe being off. Since the car was once hit, I was paranoid that it might not be straight. Alignment indicates the car should drive straight now that the toe was corrected, but there is still a slight pull. Since the numbers are good, not sure what that is. Further inspection of suspension, though, indicates that there is NOTHING that is begging or even close to being needed. Also, the rear toe/camber is off but I'm told this is unadjustable and is an issue of bushings and is certainly not damage related. Most folks fix this I guess by going to adjustable toe/camber set-ups in the rear.

    The car does need a windshield, but since the nastiness isn't in my line of sight I haven't bothered. The AC does not work, but the compressor is fine and new lines to accomodate 134 have been installed. Only the high speed on the fan works, but I do have a new resistor to fix it (haven't bothered). According to Bimmerhause, clutch pedal position indicates a clutch may be needed soon but no need to do now. When in neutral and warm, the transmission seems to make a bit of noise but the folks at Bimmerhause said it sounded fine and that there was no need to worry (I like to worry, that is why I shouldn't have a car such as this if you get my drift). The tranny can be a tad notchy too - but again it is quite fine if you aren't a worrier. The bolts fixing the exhaust manifold came loose a while ago and were tightened up - but one really should be helicoilded. There is an exhaust leak at the muffler I thing (and it need a rubber bracket), but I do have a Euro Exhaust without Cat that comes with the deal. I pulled it off when I took the car through emisions, but the euroexhaust was noiser and seem to have a leak - but that leak may have just been from up front when the exhuast studs were loose before. Might be perfect now (but I don't know - here goes the worry). Finally, the alternator bushings appear to be less then perfect - also a chance the alternator is not a stock one. Just not sure. Also, not sure if the auxillary fan is working, I don't think so. But the car seems to run right about middle on the temp guage, except when super hot days in traffic when it goes a bit higher. But it cools down so quick once it moves I'm very amazed. Nice to have a car that is overdesigned for the street (since its made for the track).

    Interior is pretty nice - not perfect, but nice (black). Exterior is generally pretty decent, but front spoiler and wing are cosmetically challenged. Otherise paint has its share of blems, but when washed and waxed the overall impression of the car is fairly pleasing. The rear bumper attachment (and some of the front trim stuff) is not as well attached as it should be - and also the passenger side marker light yellow reflector is missing.

    I don't have photos (I may later), but since I'm giving you the scoop you should be able to envision it (and most photos stink anyway unless lighting is good and you can really see the details). I'm hoping that someone who knows about these cars will identify the value that it is, show up from Boulder or Denver, and take it off my hands by the weekend. Cause if not, the love may come back and I'll keep it - only to hate it next week when I need a car for the snow...

    Feel free to call day or evening (I work from home usually) (303) 786-9163. Please call before 9PM and after 7:30AM though. Mike

    You can email direct at [email protected]

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    Just a heads up, apparently it's already sold :(

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