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FS SoCal: 1988 gray M3 shell $1200 picked up

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  • FS SoCal: 1988 gray M3 shell $1200 picked up

    I have a 1988 M3 shell sitting in my garage. This car would make a great starting point for a race or track car.

    I was planning to build this up into a monster and got into the early stages but have realized I cannot afford to spend the money or time on it right now. I'm moving soon and could use the cash and the space so my loss is your gain.

    It needs bumpers, front fenders, rear spoiler, and a sunroof panel, but otherwise the body is complete. All glass is included. The rear fenders are in perfect shape.

    There are some problem areas, but most will be easily fixed in the work required for prepping a shell:

    There is front end damage, requiring a new core support and a driver's side fender. The frame rails aren't damaged and the subframe and a front strut brace bolt on with no problems, indicated the frame is fine too.

    There are some rust spots that will need to be addressed as well. Nothing too major, but you can decide that from the pictures I will put up.

    Included with the shell is an E30 front clip with the core support and sheet metal necessary for fixing the damage.

    There is some interior trim, carpet, lights, and other details. I'll try to get an exact list when I put up pics.

    With the exception of the front end damage this shell is in good shape and would make an excellent base for a project or be a great source for good body panels.

    The car is located in Northridge, California and I'm asking for $1200 picked up, which is about what I've spent on it.

    I will entertain other offers, but I don't know if I'd like to take a loss on this car.

    I'll get pics up before Thanksgiving weekend.

    Thanks for looking!

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    interested. please email pics to omen2853 AT yahoo DOT com

    about the core support, im sure i will see in the pictures, but will a hammer and a comfortable with less than perfect attitude get it working? meaning things will line up decently? ill get a better idea with pics of course.


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      suspension on it?


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        Originally posted by cactusjacks1
        suspension on it?

        if so, I can paypal you a deposit imediately.

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          I should get next in line. I'm interested with or without rolling bits.


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            I'm next- with or without suspension


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              I should get next in line. I'm interested with or without rolling bits.


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                haha... stupid torrents...


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                  I'm next in line- with or without suspension.


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                    OK guys there's been an overwhelming response and I'm pretty busy but to answer everybody's question:

                    NO suspension is on the car. There are wheels on 4 lug hubs in the rear which make it a lot easier to move the car around, but there is no suspension or hubs.

                    I'll answer all PMs and get pics up later tonight



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                      Just to update, I've replied to all PMs and sent pics to all email addresses.

                      I'm currently fighting with imageshack in order to get the pics posted up here, so if you want pics before I resolve this issue just reply with your email and I'll get some pics to you. Can anyone recommend another easy, free, imagehosting site?

                      happy turkey-gobble-gobble-death day


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                        I think I got this figured out...


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                          double post.


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                            its kind of hard to judge how off the support is. i dont really care about how it looks or anything like that because its just for the track. im more concerned with how much work would be required to get things to line up and bolt in correctly (i.e. bumpers, suspension, fender, things in the bay etc.) can you take another shot that has a comparison of left and right...maybe something standing over the bay?


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                              im interested pm sent
                              ///M Power