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FS 88m3-bay area, cali- diamblk/blk, cln title, $8800

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  • FS 88m3-bay area, cali- diamblk/blk, cln title, $8800

    i have had about a dozen or so of these in the last 10yrs, and this one is middle of the road. late 88 ellipsoids car, originally diamondblk, still is, but poor repaint- needs a colorsand, polish, etc. (maple syrup!) the coolest thing is it has the m colors starting at the bottom rear fenderwell of the left fender, going up and over and ending at the bottom rear of the right rear quarter. they are painted. also, the paint on the wing is cracking/lifting in spots. no rust! or if there were, it was removed before whenever the car was painted, but the windshield, window bottoms, etc, don't appear to have been patched, and seal correctly. original VIN tags on all visible panels but both ft fenders. car has 185k, working odo, working everything except ac. valves were adjusted, engine starts quickly to a smooth idle, not rattly (even cold). blk int in excellent cond- driver outer section redone, all else original- soft, with minimal color cracking. no wear on carpet, panels excellent, no dash cracks, all int components correct and in their place. lighted m shiftknob/boot combo. car has recent bilstein sports all four, pretty new pads and rotors all four. tinted, clifford/keyless, cd/amp, all speakers good, wired for sub/another amp, has newer midas muffler! i just bought a perfect oem used one. has 17x7.5 and 8.5 contour replicas with pretty decent contis w/ h&r spacers/bolts. i have some 16x8 racing dynamics rgr's coming you can have. i just put in a dinan chip i was saving. the upper glove box panel had never been dropped- original, unopened ecu! car is quick and responsive and overall solid. i hear/feel a slight rotational hum rear susp area, steering wheel clicks when crossing it back/forth quickly thru its center, and the shift tower is loose/sloppy- i was going to put ssk and whatever else in that area, but basically i have too many toys and no time to tidy this car. i have had it a few months. it has all original books, glove lite, just a few records. i have 2 stock wheels/tires that are mint as well (trunk spares). i have no pics, and the best i can offer is sending them thru sprint pcs picturemail from my cameraphone! unless someone local wants to come execute all this! asking 8800, but negotiable, and might just jump at the first cash that's about to be handed over on the spot! mail [email protected], or 415-902-8515. trevor

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    please send pics to [email protected]



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      Damn. Try using paragraphs and punctuation next time.
      I'm guessing you're selling a car--I shut down after the 3rd line oftextthatwashardtoreadbecauseoflackofpunctuation.


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        i read it just fine , maybe you need some glasses