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FEELER - EURO Motored 3.2 Henna Rot...

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  • FEELER - EURO Motored 3.2 Henna Rot...

    JUST Considering selling Euro 3.2 powered Hennarot E30 / Black.
    Only responding real offers north OR around $25k or we're keeping her.

    The best of both in one ! Winniest chassis...greatest engine !!!

    This is a SERIOUS car...325 + horsepower -
    recently purchased from Jason 89i out of Lake Geneva..and updated...tastefully improved since then. Currently registered and smogged in Calif. List of items on this car is extensive...very. Anyone who knows Jasons work knows how well this car is put together...Now I repeat...this is in NO WAY a thread to invite a lot of low ball offers or ridicule...this is a serious car for a serious buyer...VERY fast and streetable. Clean titled..well taken care of and it shows...this installation looks like Munich made it happen.

    Prod date 6/87 Hennarot / Black 98' S50-B32 engine very tight and hand selected from Alex Lipowich by Jason...65k miles ? EWS module and key cleanly installed in glove. M Z3 tranny / diff., SSK, Diff Cover, New clutch, EVO LTW flywheel, Custom made 3" Stainless exhaust all the way back. GC Shortened Coil Overs with New Bilsteins brand new springs, rear adj GC spring perches, current rates are 350 front / 475 rear ( bimmerworld setup ) extra springs...clutch stop, Vorslag camber plates, SS brake lines, solid brass brake guides, fully adj sways front / rear, rear sway mounts updated, rear adj camber, oil cooler linked to factory oil cooler location, K&N air fliter, SPAL electric fan, A/C lines and HVAC all in tact..just needs a compressor added if so desired. Newer radiator, hoses, seals, front cover gaskets done before engine installed...and more.

    You could NEVER tell that the chassis has rolled for 170k miles !!! Virtually EVERY area of this car has been strengthened and updated...rear subframe strengthened, all new bushings throughout...poly...etc...E36 M3 tie rods, Green lower control arm bushings, lightened lower control arms...poly everything !

    Cosmetically..the car really shines...paint is very glossy and well maintained...only 2 minute door dings found...same panel so can be removed for 50 - 100 bucks. Otherwise very "wet" looking car...Euro smileys,Ebrand new EVO 3 hood seals, Brand new EVO 3 front bumper seal, Brand new EVO 3 CF front lip, EVO 2 front end add on, no fogs..brake cooling ducts / backing plates, RARE rear headrest option, brand new Recaro SRDs black stitching, 4 point seatbelts, Momo steering wheel, Alpine CD Deck ( has exact matching amber coloring ! ) with IPod interface / breakout box, INNOVATE A/F Meter guage ( looks so cool in floating digital red over black ) working cruise control, fresh alignment,
    comes with 16" Mille Miglia wheels or optional 18" BBS RGR forged in custom polish and windshield, DTM Cup mirrors...Have 6 point bolt in roll cage un-installed as well...ready to throw in.

    Perfect ? Not perfect...but what car is that is actually driven and is 21 years old ?

    Yet this car is simply stunning...I saw it - I bought it sight unseen. That's how sharp it really is. Period. I can provide pics ( just serious requests please ) I already have a racecar is the only reason Im considering selling this beauty...Im only selling because I don't have the room that I thought I would and that it deserves. That's it.

    The car is itself is nice enough to EASILY demand 15k without this highly prized powerplant in it...add in the cost of that and the drivetrain...and I think it's priced fairly at won't finad a 325 HP car out there with this lineage and with this performance for that pricepoint...just wont happen. Plus...what a classic !!!

    Car needs nothing. Everything good.

    Thanks for the post !
    [email protected]

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    Wasn't this being sold a few weeks back with an asking price of 20k?


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      you win a prize ! Same car....that price that wwas being asked was a fire sale price...and the car has had some things done to it since then...additions and improvements and such. Hence the price.
      How's the ebay sale going ?
      4 hrs remaining ? I took a look...that's you right ?


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        PM sent


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          Hi Databass.

          Is the car from Switzerland (Lake Geneva) and registered in California? Any pictures that you can post? I understand that the Euro S50 motors is a very difficult swap (way more than US M50). How did you get around the brake booster? e23 hydraulic booster? Boosterless?

          [email protected]

          1969 2002 racecar
          1989 M3 racecar
          e39 Touring


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            Hi Lee

            Good question !
            it has the "small booster"...ABS all in tact / good working order...
            car comes with additional booster as well...
            I can find out which exact booster that I have in the car...

            Car is NOT from Switzerland ( I WISH ! ) ...
            Engine fits like a glove...I am NOT able to poist pictures for whatever reason I do not know...but if someone wanted to aid me in doing so..I have them for sure...
            Thanks Lee


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              Originally posted by dannyg View Post
              Wasn't this being sold a few weeks back with an asking price of 20k?


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                  Originally posted by databass View Post
                  5k in improvements in few weeks? detailed list of improvements?


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                    because 20k was the fast selling asking price before does not mean that the car wasn't worth more than that at that time...Jason was trying to sell it fast and it did for that price. I can detail additions to "serious buyers" as needed.
                    Again..I have no need to sell this's a feeler for serious collectors.
                    Thanks Vlad.


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                      I much do you think your car is worth Vlad ? Since you're a fellow s50B32 owner ? UUC Mike was asking like 40 grand for his...


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                        Originally posted by databass View Post
                        I much do you think your car is worth Vlad ? Since you're a fellow s50B32 owner ? UUC Mike was asking like 40 grand for his...

                        whatever my car is worth I am not selling it to you so that you can re-sell it in 2 weeks for profit :beef:

                        I think my white car is the most radical car on this forum (behind Rui Azevedo's blue car) the amount of mods, parts and modifications on it are astronomical...

                        Originally posted by databass View Post
                        I have no need to sell this car



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                          Yeah ?

                          and maybe I think your ego is astronomical. Do your hasn't been a few weeks since youre off there already. As far as me wanting to buy anything from you ? Can't see why or where you would get that from...never said anything like it...nor would I...I don't like your taste in "mods" anyhow..take for example your cab for instance...maybe we could start with how bad the seats look ? I've seen less wrinkles and folds on a shar-pei. I've seen your track car and it's times / videos as well...if I were you I wouldn't even speak.


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                            Good luck with the sale


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                              goodluck with the sale. n btw because u got a great deal doesnt mean you have to give it away either. have seen many go with us s52 go for 18k so you should have no problem getting the 25k.

                              and for the comment on vlad, he had originally made the cab for his wife as a present so why go buy expensive wheels for her to fuck up. knowing vlad and his nice taste on wheels i can guarantee he will come out with some crazy ones next yr.