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2 new m3 finds..NO AFFILIATION

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    Originally posted by 99M3Riverside View Post
    That guy is on Crack.
    I don't know....
    When M3(E30)'s qualify to enter the Historic Racing Series in 3 years (please correct me if I am wrong), those "Rollers" are going to be high$.

    And with this weak US$, it will take about 3 years to sort out a proper S14.


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      That second one has been on craigslist for a while. It started at 17k about 6 months ago and has slowly trickled down to about 15k. I believe someone on this board used to own it. Is something wrong w/ it?


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        E-mailed the guy about the roller when it was first listed. He said he's only got "a little room" to work on the price. IMO $8,900 is way too much due to the mileage. You can find running cars that need work for less than that not to mention there are already a good amount of running cars that need little work for 12.5k+ with substantially less miles. Shame though, I'd love to pick that roller up.

        And in 5 more years Evo M3's will be able to be imported stateside. Hopefully the extra supply will cancel out a rise in price.