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WTT: e28's for M3

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  • WTT: e28's for M3

    First things first, I know I am a new member, but I am an active member on and with a good reputation.

    Admins, if I'm not allowed to post a thread of this nature (trade), please let me know, I'll be happy to remove it.

    Ok, so I know the chances are slim to none, but I figured I would take a shot.

    I have 3 e28's I'm willing to trade. Here's a little info on them-

    The first is my '85.
    It's a 535i 5-speed, schwarz. Cosmetically, it's not perfect. The exterior has a few little minor dings and such, but is 100% rust free. The motor is rebuilt, and has 110k on it. It has a schric cam, dinan software, intake, and m5 exhaust. The car sits on H&R springs and handles well.
    The car has a zender front air damn on it, which is quite rare.
    The interior is pretty rough dash-wise. Aside from that, it's not horrible.
    Here are some pics-

    Next is my '88 535iS 5-speed, zinnoberrot. It's 100% stock. It has records for everything, and has been meticulously mantained. 157k on the clock. Exterior is near flawless. The only flaw is the front air dam was pushed into a parking stump by the previous owner. I will have this fixed prior to trade. There are a few small rust spots that have been taken care of, so they are no longer any problem what-so-ever.
    The interior is flawless. It has been cared for well.
    Here are some pics-

    the records-

    The final car is an '88 535iS parts car. 100% straight body, decent interior (blue leather comfort). 127k on the motor. No transmission, but was previously a 5-speed. The car's supension was previously replaced and has under 40k on it to my knowledge.

    I'm willing to trade all 3 for an e30 M3.
    I won't sell any of them outright though. The only way I'll get rid of any is in trade.

    sooo.... is there any interest?
    Please email me at [email protected]
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    Tired of the E28 scene I see...too bad. You were one of the only ones doing anything different around there. Good luck on the trade.
    Austin Driggers
    11/86-535is Da Red Rocket
    Some Coils, Some Rims, Some Euro, Some Win


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      Originally posted by SpasticDwarf View Post

      I'm willing to trade all 3 for an e30 M3.
      I won't sell any of them outright though. The only way I'll get rid of any is in trade.
      :sosad::2c:sell the red one to me. you have PM on r3v

      A special thank you to:
      archie, chutrain, carfantiti, ///M3 Terr, Jake, G2NY, Justin(OKC), Andyman746, dllance, NameIsStanley, JP, Speedvill, blyguy, MTLALEX, ///M0F01SD, Tom64, GK-E30M3, L James, ///CRISS, Das Boots, e30polak, DrWillb, Cactusjacks1, E30terry, S14E30M3 and all the S14 members who have showed support and contacted me.