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  • Fs - Feeeeler 1988 Bmw M3


    This is just a feeler.. not 100% yet if I will sell... trying to work out a deal on an 07 M4 coupe.

    1988 BMW Diamond Schwartz - California car with mods.


    - euro 2.3 L - 127K km's on the motor
    - euro dogleg tranny
    - euro driveshaft
    - euro 3.25 diff
    - euro wiring harness and ECU
    - vac pulleys
    - euro airbox/intake
    - GC Coilovers
    - Bilstein sport shocks
    - Zimmerman cross drilled rotors
    - PBR metal master pads
    - SS lines
    - startech smoked tails
    - euro grills
    - EVO II lip
    - EVO III rear wing
    - suspension techniques sway bars
    - turner motorsport 8 MM wires
    - adjustable sway bar links
    - front strut bar
    - rear strut bar
    - rear eurethane shock mounts
    - new dash installed ( flawless! )
    - Recaro SRD's (front/back seats have been redone in a tan GERMAN leather/PVC mix)
    - Rogue Engineering short shifter with eurethane shifter mounts
    - 17 x 8.5 OZ futuras with new tires ( not yet installed, will be falken or yoks )

    misc. parts to sell too if the car sells.. Samco Hose Kit, Gen 1 and BMW waterpump - new

    i think that's all... comes with stock wheels and shot tires that I use to store the car on too.. most of the mods/upgrades are being done now as the car is at the shop... the car will be ready in to go out the door in May... I really don't want to sell, but the M coupe has hit a nerve ...

    asking $25,599.00 or best offer...

    Have a nice day. :hi:

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    No schnitzel dont do it man. Dont make me buy it just to have it around lol.
    1988 Bmw M3 Alpinewhite - SOLD :(

    Looking for Another Alpineweise M3


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      I don't want to, but M coupe is haunting me..
      Have a nice day. :hi:


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        Rent out the M coupe for a week or so, then rethink letting go of what looks to be a great M3.



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          ^ ya, lots of blood , sweat , and tears in my M3....

          I am not sure if they rent out such a new car yet?
          Have a nice day. :hi:


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            What in hell is a M4 coupe?


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              never been the one to choose
              why not have both, if you can afford it
              why not lease the M coupe?
              it's 549 a month


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                Ya, could do that.. but lease in Canada is probably double that price and I don't think that I could leave it outside all winter.... I dunno if I could do that to the poor car..
                Have a nice day. :hi:


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                  Mike, the Z4M is a sweet car dont get me wrong. Go to GTA Exotics, i think they have a Roadster. But honestly man you will regret it. I know I did when i got the E36. May not be as fast as the Z4M but mike take the M3 on the track and you will know what I mean. Its isnt as Uber Schnell as the M3, plus man you put soooo much work into it. I dunno thats my view. But BUMP for a flawless E30 M3. Probibly the cleanest M3 in Ontario. Good Luck Mike, if you do sell the buyer is getting a GEM!
                  1988 Bmw M3 Alpinewhite - SOLD :(

                  Looking for Another Alpineweise M3


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                    thanks Ant...

                    well.. .it's either the M3 or the MTECH II cabrio....
                    Have a nice day. :hi:


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                      This car is in California or Canada? I am confused by your sig and the description.

                      I will be looking to purchase a m3 in May when I get a chance to sell my STi. Is this a legal US car?



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                        Hi Mark,

                        This car is a LEGAL US Car.. I purchased it from California as I wanted a RUST FREE car to have and babby...

                        I sent you a PM...
                        Have a nice day. :hi: