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The 1990 Diamond Black M3 I was selling before... buy it

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  • The 1990 Diamond Black M3 I was selling before... buy it

    Despite what may have happened and you may have read here about the car, the price is right for what you're getting. The motor was rebuilt by a highly reputable BMW shop in that town and as far as I know everything has now been sorted out with it. It is a great car now that everything maintenance wise has been addressed.

    Don't contact me about the sale because it is not my sale. Contact the person listed in the ad. Feel free to tell them you found it on
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    apparently the seller does not want to sell it that bad. I was hoping to go check it out this weekend, yet after an email or two.. no response.


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      Have you tried calling them at the number listed in the ad? I know there is always someone home that will answer the phone there. It would be best however to call around 6 pm or so or any time on the weekend and ask for Mike.

      I'm sure he would be more than willing to help you or schedule a time to check out the car.


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        Your helping sell this car now?



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          I'm not helping I'm just tired of seeing it for sale and being asked questions. Honestly I wish it would just sell as it would at this point make me feel better.