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FS my near perfect 88 M3!!

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  • FS my near perfect 88 M3!!

    FS is my near perfect 1988 M3. The mileage is 97k miles and it is pretty much in perfect shape. I would rate the interior 9.8 out of 10 and the exterior 9 out of 10.

    thought I will keep this one forever but I am not happy with the power. Don't get me wrong. It runs perfect but my other car was E46 M3 with Dinan S3-R package (intercooled supercharger with 462hp!) and despite the real good look of my M3, I am not happy! I WANT MORE POWER!!
    I am thinking about finding a cheaper M3 to drop a S50/S52 in it or just buy one with the 6 cylinder in it already and make it cosmetically perfect. So, this one must go.

    My car is totally stock, it runs great and everything works as the should, including cold AC.
    The compression is between 220 to 225 across all cylinders.(checked by M service in Walnut Creek, CA about 1000 miles ago)
    All panels are original with the VIN number tags where it should be but it has been repainted (Done by previous owner)
    The paint looks perfect in the pictures but there are some minor chips on the hood and front of the car that are not visible in the pictures.

    I have replaced many things and the followings are what I remember at this moment (but I will add as more as I remember them)

    New intake manifold gasket and various intake washers and gaskets (no vacuum leaks, perfect idle)
    New ICV
    New valve gasket (after adjusting the valves)
    New rear shock mounts
    NEW OEM catalytic converter (I am sure you guys know how much the OEM one cost!!)
    New Temp sensor
    Many other new things that I don't remember now but I will add on later.

    Asking $19995 or best offer without the BBS RC wheels that you see in the pictures but it will come with OEM wheels and tires
    Please email me if you have any questions or call me at 925-286-5994. Thanks

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    1989 M3 Cabriolet "Reproduction" #787th?? :-)

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    Wow that is clean - good luck on the sale


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      Thanks man! Yes, it is very clean and I know I will miss it but I am hoping I will replace it with one with S50/52 in it so I can enjoy more driving it.
      1989 M3 Cabriolet "Reproduction" #787th?? :-)


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        Looks great, good luck with the sale. Might want to get another fender marker for the LR and some bulbs for the RR and LF.


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          Great looking car. Good to see you offer this to another enthusiast before hacking up a perfectly good M3 with a S14 in it. Good luck with the sale.


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            Nice car! How many M3s do you have? The Alpine one was nice as well.


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              The marker needed bulb so I broke it when I was taking it outn so I couldn't put it back in there.
              I had a white w one that I sold couple of months ago and I wanted to keep this one but when I drove my friends 325is, I decided to go 6 cycl for sure. I was ging to do the EVO exhaust cam gear and air box but then I thought no matter what I do, I won't be able to get some real power out of it so I need to have a 6 cyl in a M3!
              I really didn't want to take a perfect S14 m3 that with it so I rather sell it to somebody who will appreciate ia car like this.
              Anybody with M3/S50/52 want to trade?
              1989 M3 Cabriolet "Reproduction" #787th?? :-)


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                Not cosmetically perfect, but the swap is already done and done right. With the money left over from the sale of your car you'll have enough to make mine just as nice. You want 6-cyl power in an E30 M3? Here you go, and with this car there's no guilt about hacking up a "perfectly good S14 car" since this was a high-mile car to begin with

                $15k to your door in California.
                Brad Beardow


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                  What is the VIN?
                  What engine maintenance has been done?


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                    This is a...

                    ...beautiful car !!! :click:

                    Uncanny, inside and out it looks like an alternate-colored version of my car!

                    Props to an obviously retentive owner that took great care of a classic !

                    Best of luck with your sale.
                    Carpe Diem


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                      Wow, nice example. This is how I hope my retoration project eventually turns out. Of course; I could always buy yours to expedite the process ?????

                      Interestingly I am heading to Lathrop next week on business. Seems like a very tempting opportunity...........or could it be fate?

                      Let me sleep on it and discuss with the finance Director!

                      God I'm soooooo tempted.


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                        The maintenance are all preformed. New cap, rotors, wires, filter. There many more new parts to the car. The car is near perfect mechanically.
                        There are two things needs to be done.
                        1- Reverse light is inoperable.
                        2- Rear lights check light (over the head) comes on when the lights are turned on
                        I was told this is a brake light relay issue and brake relay (somewhere in the back) needs to be replaced.
                        Thats it. I didn't get a chance to get to it but I will.

                        As for the 6 cylinder M3, I am checking out the silver one already but the body condition is kind of making me think twice about it.
                        I would need to see it in person to make a personal assessment of it and see what it is going to take to make it like this one. I already have many cosmetic parts that will go on it right away if I get it.

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                        VIN# is



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                        By the way guys
                        This is a California car and it never been out of the state.

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                        One more thing guys.
                        When I say all panels are original and VIN tags are present, I mean that all vin#s are visible too. They are not painted over. The car just has been professionally repainted. That's all.
                        A questions came up from somebody so I thought I should address that.
                        Thanks again
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                        1989 M3 Cabriolet "Reproduction" #787th?? :-)


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                          For anyone interested in this car I have to let you know I had my shop check it out and it is mechanically fantastic, the best I've looked at, even the compression numbers are there. The interior is in incredibly good shape as well. The owner is helpful and honest about the condition of the car and I would have no qualms about doing business with him. I passed on it for only two reasons, Primarily I'm not a red car guy and I just couldn't get over that hurdle. Secondly the paint job which presents as a 9 at curbside showed a few more flaws on closer inspection in the shop lighting. Even knowing where many of the issues were from seeing them in the shop, I could not point them out when I brought the car back to the owner in direct sunlight! I'm a PICKY SOB and couldn't get past the redness of it all. If you're looking for a GREAT car mechanically, with a great interior, and a looker for the street this one will not disappoint. With an expensive paint job this would be one for any collection.


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                            There you have it guys. My car is really in top mechanical shape and I believe even
                            the paint is in great shape. What Wharthog is referring to are some sand paper marks and some other minor flaws that you could see under the paintwork under certain lighting that he used to look at the car and should not be present. As many of you guys know, the direct sunlight does show the paint flaws and even under direct sunlight, you could not see it.
                            I have been around cars for a long time and have owned many BMWs and until Wharthog took the car for inspection, I was thinking the only painted parts were the rear left quarter panel and the right fender, even having the car checked out by paint meter before I puchasing the car.
                            So I think it is fair to not to consider the paint job cheap but yes, if you spend $8k on the paint work, you better not be able to see any flaws under that special shop lighting. That is why I said my near perfect car!!! :-)
                            I think any interested party should come and look at the car in person and take their own assessment of the paint job.
                            1989 M3 Cabriolet "Reproduction" #787th?? :-)


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                              Either the BBS RS or set of ACS 16" wheels with almost new tires can be included in the tranaction as long as we reach an agreement on the total price.

                              Guys, this car is a good one!! I am not saying this because it is my car and I am just trying to sell it.
                              Seriously, if I were you and I was looking for a really clean M3 with S14 in it, I would jump on it ( I obviousely did!! :-)
                              It is very hard to find a 20 years old M3 in this condition.
                              1989 M3 Cabriolet "Reproduction" #787th?? :-)