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Feeler: 88 DS from SoCal, in Texas...

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  • Feeler: 88 DS from SoCal, in Texas...

    I pretty much consider this car for sale, and with a motivated buyer in the right location it could be easily sold. There is however a few complications with the car.
    The car was originally bought in NorCal last year, and it stayed in San Diego until about dec. of last year when i drove it back to Texas which is where it will stay until about feb of next year, good for TX buyers.. BUT it is still licensed and registered in California, good for a buyer in Cali, not that it would be all that hard to transfer it.

    Anyways... next complication, im deployed in Iraq at the moment. Thats where the real feeler part comes in. The car is at my Dads house in Texas and he has legal rights and do anything that needs to be done with the selling, only this is he really doesnt know much about that car and he is gone alot (truck driver). But like i said... a motivated buyer.

    About the car:
    1988 M3 186k miles on the car. Most of the car is original from what i know. Documentation on maintnence is limited due to PO's. I do know that it has not had a major rebuild done in its lifetime. I was told from the guy i bought it from that the tensioner and timing chain were replaced right before i bought it.

    High mileage (of course)
    A/c no work (its all there just inop)
    Slight rattle in the front end (control arms ball joints?)
    Exhaust bracket in rear needs to be reattached (doesnt drag or anything just makes an annoying noise)

    Clean interior and exterior
    Was was repainted last year (the right color)
    All electric stuff works
    Bilstein shocks all around (unknown mileage)
    Dinan Chip
    Brand new Alpine tuner (reciept in car)
    New waterpump about 1500 miles ago (reciept in car)
    Tires all have about 2k miles on them

    *note: the wheels that are on the car NOW are the black DS I's.

    Theres not much to really say about the car other than its an unmolested 88 m3 with high miles. Any enthusiast can pretty assume everything good and bad about the car. Like i said earlier, maintance history on the car is minimal, prior to me, and i havent had to do too much myself. To my knownledge there is no accident history to the car, I took it to Frank Fahey after i bought it just to have him look it over and he really had nothing negative to say, but did advise a leak down just to know what kinda life is left in the car.

    Askin 11,500. I have attached a few photos that i have here with me, but for a very interested buyer thats not local i can get more if you bare with me, just specify what you want.

    Interested parties can email me at [email protected]. Of course since im in Iraq you cant call me, but if you email me a name number and time to call i can contact you.

    I know this is said alot, but seriously no tire kickers. I will be happy to talk to anyone who is serious about the car and tell you anything you want to know.

    sorry for the lack of pics.

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    forgot to mention it has an mtech II steering wheel in great shape.
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    Pm/email Sent sir, you might have might have just made my day.


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      i didnt recieve an email or Pm from you. try again, [email protected]


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        email Sent, please reply privately...

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          pictures here:


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