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$12,900 89 M3 Silver - full records

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  • $12,900 89 M3 Silver - full records

    I am selling a three owner M3 that is is great shape and has lengthy service records going back 10 years. Many of the following upgrades were done in the last 10k miles: *Bilstein Shocks * H & R sport springs * New brake rotors, Hawk pads, stainless lines, Blue fluid * IE motor mounds * Upgraded trans mounts * IE swaybars * Front and rear strut braces * Conforti chip * 16" 7 Series wheels with New Yokohama tires (15" wheel and tires included) * Left and right control arms * New driveshaft * Valve adjustment * Alpine CD player with ipod input The car is in great shape both aesthetically and mechanically for a car with 180k miles. My mechanic says that the motor is in better shape than most s14's with half the miles. It is ready to be a daily driver, De car, or weekend driver. Email me or call 300-3988. The car is located in TN.

    The only issues with the car are a few very small rust spots around the license plate and an AC unit that does not blow cold.
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    Is this lachssilber?
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      It is Salmon Silver.


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        lachssilber = Salmon Silver


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          email sent - can you provide a full phone number for contact?

          thanks - scott


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            I'd like to give you a call too... Can you pm/post your whole phone number?


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              615-300-3988 Sorry guys.


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                11,500 with the stock wheels and tires and without the conforti chip or strut tower braces. I can post new pics if someone is interested. If not, it will go to ebay soon.

                The car is in top notch mechanical condition. It has a full service history going back 10 years and since I have owned the car, I have replaced any wire item that my mechanic could find. Recently, it has had a new driveshaft, new control arms, and new tie rod ends.

                I have always wanted one of these cars and enjoyed the project. However, I have a supercharged 911 and a Nissan GTR on order. The GTR needs the space where the M3 currently is parked, so it must g


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                  You can send some more pics to [email protected]


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                    could you please send more detailed pics (interior and engine) and some details on engine history/service (other than valve adjustment) to: drwillb at

                    thank you,
                    Bill ///M

                    Keeper of the Car


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                      The engine has had a recent valve adjustment, has had consistent 3k 4k mile oil changes (documented with receipts), had a Turner lower baffle, had had cam gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, 4 new injectors, a new radiator, alternator, heater core, and a heater control valve.

                      The motor runs very strong, does not smoke, does not burn oil, and does not need a rebuild. The car is just as fast as my buddies E36 M3.

                      Here are more pics here including detailed pictures of the small rust spots near the license plate (both inside and outside pictures)

                      More pictures are located here:
                      Also, this DE video contains some good shots of the car. This DE was in April at Memphis Motorsports park. This was the only time that I or the previous owners have had the car on the track (to my knowledge).



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                        I want it so bad. :(


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                          ^.......DO IT DO IT!! Just buy the damn car and take advantage of the price and color combo.

                          Bite the bullet and jump on a low priced well maintained s14 ///M dude.

                          The e36 in Estoril is a beaut on BF.C?
                          If looks could kill...
                          ///freshM3 piff :rastajake:


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                            I am surprised this car is still around. Looks like a great deal to me. Now isnt the right time for me to buy, but if it was I would be considering this one.

                            1991 E30 with the "other" 16v 4cyl


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                              Since colour combo was mentioned, I am just wondering what is the rarest colour combo on the e30 M3?