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'88 Henna, fresh motor rebuild

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  • '88 Henna, fresh motor rebuild


    -150k miles
    -Soup to nuts engine rebuild 10k miles ago
    Head was rebuild by's one and only Jake
    Shortblock was machined by Turner's S14 guru Leo Croistere
    Timing chain,all timing chain guides, oil pump, water pump, belts, starter, pistons, all new - the list goes on...
    -Engine broken in on Dyno Dynamics, makes fantastic numbers, and doesn't burn a lick of oil.
    -Fully documented from the last 2 owners
    -Large binder of receipts and service papers
    -Valves adjusted 50 miles ago, along with oil and filter
    -VSR exhaust, split second MAF, custom fuel map by Franz Deibold
    -Turner Motorsport brake duct housings, spare track pads and rotors, RBF600 brake fluid, free set of A3s04 R comp tires, V710s, 4 oem wheels the list goes on...
    -Bilstein shocks, big sway bars and front camber plates
    -UUC shifter
    -Recaro SRD and OEM seat included (in poor cosmetic condition)

    Previous owner bumped into the tire wall at Lime Rock and damaged the driver's side nose. I've been too involved in the mechanicals to get to the body work... Chassis is in very good condition with a few small spots of rust. A spot is located at the windshield, the license plate light, and LR fender. Carpet is a little rough around the dead pedal, and it needs a few interior trim pieces to be 100%.

    This car has been very good to me, I've put all the money I can afford into her. I had 2 track sessions at NHMS and they were pure heaven. She's ready for more!

    Willing to ship.

    Email me at
    paddy at mcparlandrealty dot com

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    Where are you located? Also, do you have any closer pictures of the LF damage and the rust spots?


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      I am interested you can email me at [email protected]


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        Originally posted by chackoc View Post
        Where are you located? Also, do you have any closer pictures of the LF damage and the rust spots?
        Paddy is in Westboro, MA 01581 and works in Shrewsbury, MA 01545

        Good luck with the sale. I'll be sad to see it go. Want me to post it on a few other forums for you?



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          Located in Westborough MA, I'll post up some more detailed pics soon.

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          Hey Pete,

          Not yet. We'll see how it goes on here first...
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            A bump for ya - any chance you work for AZ??
            '88 M3 2.3 Henna (Sold)
            '00 A4 2.8 Avant
            '06 Evo 2.0 IX RS


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              It always amazes me how Henna changes shades so drastically under different lighting sources. It's a hard color to capture.

              Good luck w/ the sale.


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                A real steal at that price. Good luck with the sale.


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                  VIN tags and paintwork? whats there. Has it had an overall paintjob? Accident history?
                  I want alpine but I think I could deal with henna.
                  PM me if you dont want to post that info.



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                    Good luck with the sale.... Good old Franz tuned it wow... very small world! I may have to con him into tuning mine.


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                        Nice FD!

                        Bump for a nice M3.


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                          Were you able to take any more detailed pics of the damaged area and rust? Also any information re Bunta's questions (accident history, vin-matched panels, paint history, etc.)?


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                            "Makes fantastic numbers" Maybe you should just list the numbers??? Kind of like writing low miles or rare color and not listing what they are. Sorry I just hate ads that read like that.

                            Sounds like great car with a little more info?


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                              159.3 whp on a dyno dynamics. Engine made 145whp before the rebuild.

                              I never ran a car fax when i bought this car from Craig- interested parties can certainly call me for the VIN. The LF fender is a replacement the RF has a matching vin to the car's chassis. I don't know where the other body panels vin tags are located - you are welcome to come and inspect the car or point me in the direction of the other vin tags on the panels.

                              I never painted the car - neither did the previous owner. I've personally never had an accident with the car.

                              Here's a good shot of the LF