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WTB: E30 M3 for Tarmac Rally

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  • WTB: E30 M3 for Tarmac Rally

    Hello All - newbie here - congrats on such a great site.

    I am a serial BMW owner who has always loved the E30 M3. After years of saving I am finally in a positon to full fill 2 of my dreams - 1. own a e30 m3 and 2. compete in tarmac rallies. So why not combine the two.

    As i'm form OZ I would like a car from 86, 87 or 88 so I can register it here. The cars interior need not be mint but the drive train, engine and chassis must all be in pretty good nick.

    Prefer a euro spec but ultimatly not that fussed as long as it's a straight example.

    Your help would be greatly appriciated.


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    hey mate..
    I have 2 E30 M3's
    I am in brisbane..

    I know there is a tarmac rally one on www.my105.comau
    or i am selling the race one i just built 250hp at the rears. converted and registered in aus

    feel free to call me
    86 E30 M3 stock
    88 EvoII resto in progress
    84 M635csi JPS replica
    Searching for an E9 for a S38 transplant

    ***to be added when i can afford it***
    Sport Evo
    3.0 CSL batmobile
    and maybe an evo2 190E