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Feeler: M3 FS. 1988 Zinno $15k

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  • Feeler: M3 FS. 1988 Zinno $15k

    Hi Guys,
    It's time to sell one of my M3's, so here's the initial listing:

    It's a 1988 with 158k miles. Zinno over tan. It was fully repainted to the tune of $8k about 7k miles ago, and it's in great shape. It has a couple of dings, but overall the paint is really good and the interior is in good shape. I've replaced lots of trim panels and covers with brand new pieces, including the console, coin tray, c-pillars and knee bolster, so it's definitely not old and tired.

    The wheel is an Evo 2 piece in good shape, and the shift knob is a new Mtech knob from a 330i. It has custom suede shifter and e-brake boots too. I also added tan CocoMat floor mats. The windows are tinted and the AC blows really cold.

    The motor is strong and runs properly. I have a dyno sheet from last fall to go with it. The motor is stock except for a chip, airbox, and plug wires. The exhaust has aftermarket cats and a SuperSprint muffler. It passes emissions easily.

    The suspension is H&R Sports with Koni Single Adjustable shocks and fixed camber plates. There are also lowering hats on the front to even out the ride height.
    The brakes have been rebuilt as well. The strut tops are control arms and bushings have been replaced in the last year, and the steering rack was replaced about two years ago.

    The car has had a new Coolant Temp sensor, water pump, valve cover gasket, coolant overflow tank, washer fluid tank, and assorted hoses and other parts in the last couple of years as well. It has new grilles and badges and real carbon fiber Evo 3 rear wing and flap from Markus in Germany. It has Lamin-X smoked headlight film, and real French foglight lenses.

    I have brand new leather covered Recaro SRDs that I haven't installed yet, and I also have a Brembo big brake kit and SSR Comp wheels that I haven't put on yet, so those parts can be included or it's available without depending on your desires.

    I'm asking $15k without the parts and $18k with all the extras.

    You can see a pics here:

    PM or e-mail with any questions. I also have a more comprehensive list of mods/updates if you like.


    Speed, as Iíve said many times before, makes you cleverer.

    -Jeremy Clarkson

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    i assume the car is in texas. are there any mechanical issues that have yet to be addressed?
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      Yes, the car is in Fort Worth, TX and is available to be seen at any time.

      Here is an exterior pic:

      Mechanically the car is sound. I've replaced the water pump, alternator, CTS, plugs, radiator, and various other parts, plus lots of cosmetic trim pieces and things. It has a fairly new Optima battery and a Blaupunkt radio.

      As it sits, everything works as intended and there is no rust on the car. The only things that are obvious flaws are the small dings in the paint, but the price has been set to reflect these. I have more detailed photos that I will upload tomorrow.

      The engine runs normally and does not smoke or stumble. The steering rack was replaced a couple of years ago too, and I've replaced one of the high pressure lines recently. The tranny shifts smoothly and the diff is quiet. Mechanically the car is sound.

      Any other questions?

      I can show the car anytime and I'll be available this weekend as well. I'll be traveling later in October for several of the weekends, so it will be difficult for me to show the car on a couple of those weekends.

      If you want it, make me an offer and let's get it sold.


      Speed, as Iíve said many times before, makes you cleverer.

      -Jeremy Clarkson


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        Wish I had known you were going to be selling an E30 M3 before you left Targa! Would have liked to talk to you about it!
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          D'oh! Sorry, I thought I mentioned it. I didn't realize you were looking for an M3 also.
          Once I get some time I'll take some pics of that 1602 and send them to you.

          How was your trip back? I think I'm finally caught up on sleep by now.
          Speed, as Iíve said many times before, makes you cleverer.

          -Jeremy Clarkson