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Feeler: 1990 DiamondSchwarts. M3, 9K

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  • Feeler: 1990 DiamondSchwarts. M3, 9K

    This is just a feeler:

    1990 diamond schwartz m3

    medium front end collision.
    Needs new bumper cover and some front end repair.
    Driver Fender and hood no longer line up.
    needs new grilles, and minor body work.

    Other than that the paint is okay with some spots that arent so good.

    Chassis is straight.
    new tires, brakes feel okay.

    3 dings on rear of roof due to shipper getting in accident and ramp lowering onto top of car. Very minor.

    Shift linkage very sloppy, and coolant sensor has gone bad i think, because the check panel light will not turn off. OBC works, but doesnt light up.

    Passenger front blinker will not work (not a bulb issue)

    new interior, some minor issues but other than that brand new, no cracking in seats or dash.

    Motor is an unkown to me. last owner claimed a very recent rebuild, but valvetrain is getting louder, and there is an oil leak i have not been able to determine the source of. Just replaced motor mounts and tranny mounts.

    oil has been changed regularly with castrol syntec.

    the car drives fine, but has issues, and im just a kid and thought i would be able to repair the car, but do not have the funds obviously.

    asking 9k

    pictures will be posted soon.

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    Need any ideas.

    Also, odometer hasnt worked since ive owned the car, neither does the heat.
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    Also the motor mounts are vorshlag poly so the car vibrates a bit, and the trans mounts are bimmerworld slightly stiffer than stock