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Feeler: Damaged GTS Racer - Whole or Part-Out

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  • Feeler: Damaged GTS Racer - Whole or Part-Out

    After a hard hit at Road America, putting a feeler out there to gauge the interest on my NASA GTS2 race car (or its pieces) and starting into a different racing series. But if the $$ just arenít there, Iíll keep her. Easily over $30k invested.

    Let me know which pieces you might be interested in. No commitments at this point, just judging interest. Also if anyone is interested in the whole package Iíll throw in a basic but functional open trailer (with new rubber).

    Here is the low-down:

    Current condition Ė the tub is pushed in on the passenger side, esp. front corner. Youíll need to replace the tub, or have this straightened!! Side panels are also toast!!

    ∑ 2.5L engine built by VSR precisely to Sport Evo specs. No expense spared!
    ∑ 48mm TBs
    ∑ custom valve cover
    ∑ Carbon fiber intake, with cold air extension to front of car.
    ∑ Alpha-N management
    ∑ Brand new 4.45 race diff built my KMS, with M roadster finned diff cover
    ∑ Tranny rebuilt in í05, incl. UUC evo shifter
    ∑ Brand new oil cooler

    ∑ All insulation removed
    ∑ Sunroof completely removed
    ∑ Custom splitter by APR
    ∑ F/g rear wing with evo flap, trunk shaved for added weight loss
    ∑ Lexan rear side windows
    ∑ VAC floor pans

    ∑ 8pt Kirk roll car, welded into rear towers, with welded X braces on both sides
    ∑ Schroth window net
    ∑ Safety Solutions right side net
    ∑ Cobra Suzuka seat with VAC adapters
    ∑ Onboard fire ext.

    ∑ TCK Smart Design D/A race suspension (with 550 F, 700 R springs), professionally assembled at VSR
    ∑ IE adjustable sways, with Turner reinforcements
    ∑ Rear monoball mounts
    ∑ Vorshlag adjustable camber plates
    ∑ Aluminum LCAs
    ∑ New steering rack
    ∑ All mounts/bushings done in last 2-3 years
    ∑ All 4 corners wheel bearings done in last 2 years

    ∑ 2 piece rally headers
    ∑ VSR dual cats
    ∑ Stromung muffler

    ∑ 2 sets of 17x8 Team Dynamics, with Hoosier R6s (225/40-17)
    ∑ oil pressure, oil temp and volt gauges

    Here are a few pics for starters, pre damage:

    Post damage:

    Any questions/requests, let me know.

    A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do- Walter Gagehot

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    How much for the whole thing?


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      I am interested in your drivetrain. If you consider selling it seperately let me know. I have a Silver E30 M3 that I am about to start a 2.5 conversion. Thanks, Nick.


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        Interested in a few of the driveline parts.

        So where did you lose it at RA?



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          Wow that sux...
          Hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like the car looks pretty bent. How did the cage hold up? In terms of the cage, is there anything you would do differently?


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            How are YOU, Rob? Were you hurt?

            Hope you made it out Ok!

            -'88 Henna Red-


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              Thanks guys. I'm fine AJ, though was a bit sore after. Cage did its job, as did the HANS, side net, etc.

              Lost it at turn 5.

              Tub needs some serious straightening or replacement. And side panels, hood, bumper of course. But everything else is fine.

              I was thinking $15k for the works. Or $7k engine with CF intake, A/N, 48mm TBs ($15k invested). And for other stuff: wheels/tires $3k, diff $3k, susp. $2k, exh $1k, headers $1k, etc.
              A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do- Walter Gagehot


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                Glad your ok. Sorry about the incident.

                May be interested in engine+ some other misc.
                Just purchased a similar car to yours with a blown engine. This could be a good opportunity-although I was considering euro/s54.

                Will send you a pm


                1991 E30 M3 Diamondschwartz S50B32
                1998 E36 M3 Turbo Sedan Six speed
                CLK63 BS


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                  Man you showed that brake rotor who's boss.
                  1987 Euro M3, Jet Black
                  "BMW M cars: technically advanced, beautifully engineered, and the choice for total gits" -- Top Gear, Summer 2008


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                    sorry to hear, that's always sad to see. glad you're ok, good luck parting/selling


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                      Glad you're OK Rob!
                      Testament to saftey gear!!!

                      That is a screaming deal on the driveline....
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                      Chris L.

                      Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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                        Good to hear that you are Ok as well, but I have to ask, how did you do that in T5? Someone run you off? Other than the LHS wall before the turn and the RHS wall after the turn and the tire barriers in the access road there is really not much to hit there...and a lot of run-off room.


                        PS if it was Canada, then I would understand, don't ask me how I know.
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                          Originally posted by empty View Post
                          the RHS wall after the turn
                          No brakes after that long straight and downhill section. Real stupid (and expensive!) on my part. Brake issues all weekend (cracked rotors, ate up pads like candy) and thought I'd try to sneak around real easy on some street pads just to get a few points (was leading up until then). dumb, dumb dumb GPS shows I was doing 110 at the corner, went skidding across the gravel trap which slowed me to about 60 by the time I shook hands with the jersey barrier.
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                          A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do- Walter Gagehot


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                            Oh man, sorry to hear about that...happened to me at GIR outside St. Louis..after flat out through NASCAR 3 and 4, into 1 (or is the little kink 1 and the carousel 2?) hot and not so good brakes (come to find out later, absolutely no rear brakes), try to slide it around the turn, but apparently I am not a good drifter yet, bought it about 75% of the way through the carousel into the tire barriers...just don't ask about Canada though.

                            Best of luck to you,


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                              Looks like the part out is going ahead. I've been swamped with requests for the engine - thanks guys. Here are the answers to most questions about the engine:

                              The rebuild was done in 2005. Put on 500 street miles breaking in the new engine a specified by VSR. Since then, 21 race days (with about 2 to 3 hours track time each day). I have all receipts from the build, right down to the bolt!

                              This is a very mild build (276/284 motorsport cams, 10.0 CR BMW Motorsport pistons), so should continue to be as solid as a rock for a long time, and can run on street gas (91+). All new parts.

                              Dyno numbers after break in and some A/N tuning were at 204rwhp. Exact same reading this year, though changed map to detune to 199rwhp to make my GTS2 class.

                              The $7k price includes from the air filter through to, but not including the headers. Innovate WB O2 sensor included, wiring harness/ecu also included. CF intake and A/N included.

                              I've got several "I'll take it" and many others interested. If you're serious let me know and I'll keep a list and contact each in order as the next potential buyer in line drops out.
                              A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do- Walter Gagehot