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1988 Henna feeler 2.5 carbon fiber box etc...

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  • 1988 Henna feeler 2.5 carbon fiber box etc...

    I may be considering moving to a gutted track rat and I can't bring myself to gut this car... so for one I am thinking to part with it... I am not going to part it out just togther if I go this route.... I have a stock 2.3 to throw in it for the 16 mark or I would sell has is with a fresh 2k mile built 2.5 by Ben thongsi- stage 3 head +1 valves, block had oil squirters installed, new 2.5 crank, evo pump, shrick 292/284 cams, 11:1 pistons, carbon fiber box, AN, custom close ratio gear box, korman 75% 4.45 locker rear end, Alum flywheel, custom driveshaft--- a lot done to it... I am thinking $28,000 as is... I do have a stock gear box, stock diff, stock driveshaft that I can install to get it closer to 25 mark... have almost $4400 in the trans to the diff so I can make it work in another application...

    I have an e30 m3 shell I am going to most likely gut and build to track rat... it would either get my current driveline or s50b32 suro with CF box and AN...

    This was Jordan's car... I picked it up from him last april I think... Added some exterior stuff like an authentic E3 splitter and MA Shaw rear E3 spoiler, Massive Ralley SLR6 BBK, I did the 2.5 etc... Okay not really stock... but a fun car.

    Two seasons of enjoyment and $40,000 later... Funny thing I just told my wife the extent of money that went into this car... she took it okay... anyways... I feel if I can sell it , I will and not have 3 cars for myself...

    Just a feeler at this point--- let me know... PM or email if interested for current pics kmkallas at sbcglobal dot net
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    I've got a DE car that been built with all the right parts that I was going to sell this coming Feb. Would you consider a trade and whatever makeup $? I can send you my full maintenance log so you can see what's been done. I am the 3rd owner, I am friends with the 2nd owner, and I met the original owner this summer at a car event (he's a member of and can fill any gags in the car's history).

    Bill ///M

    Keeper of the Car


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      Please don't gut it and someone please buy it. It seems like you have everything else to make the track car. $16k with stock parts sounds very reasonable for that car you shouldn't have any trouble moving it.


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        I just bought another car that will be the track rat well I take my time with the shell- So I will be selling the Henna. I will sell with whatever engine doesn't sells first... One plan currently is to take all the fun parts out and put back towards stock... Interior and engine... Any interested parties let me know via PM or email.




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          Maybe I should buy her back and keep it in the family..... Then you can buy it back from me in 2 years.

          This car was fantastic when I had her and now Kevin has taken her to the next level. Exactly what I would have done to her.

          email me some pics Kevin. I would love to see what she looks like now.
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