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Boosted e30 ///M on ebay...

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  • Boosted e30 ///M on ebay...

    Anyone know anything about this one? Seller a board member? Seems like a pretty sweet car...almost too sweet :lostme:
    “Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary… that’s what gets you.”
    Jeremy Clarkson - BBC Top Gear

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    :heart: holy smokes....over 400b hp
    "Hearing the metallic clatter of the valves, the wind, tire and road noise....the endless stream of morse code that comes through the seat bottom and steering wheel. It's amazing."--:OMG:S14addict:OMG:


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      I knew about this car last week in my current search....not my cup of tea. I want "original"...anybody selling out there? I can hook you up if anyone is interested in this particular car, as I have some friends in Calgary who most likely know the owner.

      P.S. I am looking for black or red with black interior - any year in case someone knows of a car for sale. I'm in PA. Eventually, it'll happen with the help of others. Thanks!


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        The motor itself is a bit utilitarian for my taste, but someone went through a great deal of headache and expense to put this one together. All the hard work is already done. Interesting . . .
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          Yeah I was really tempted to put together some cash to add that car to my stable.... but you could be also buying someone headache its always been a fine line in buying a pre modded car.


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            These 3.5 engines are bulletproof and reliable!