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N/A 1990 M3 S14 Turbo on ebay

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  • N/A 1990 M3 S14 Turbo on ebay

    Looks good!

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    Ya anyone have info on it? members car?


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      What makes it good is that it's on a S14, no idea who's car


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        Looks like a remote mount turbo setup with the turbo on the drivers side. I'd be interested to see how the piping works. Looks like a nice car.
        1986 Mercedes 190e 2.3-16 Cosworth:


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          I am not a turbo guy, but why would you want to mount the turbo on the intake side? Wouldn't that location and all the associated plumbing hugely exacerbate the heat related problems that turbos can cause? I cannot even imagine where/how the "hot pipes" must be routed. They must be cooking all sorts of things.


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            Nope.. In some cases it makes it easier to deal with... It also helps with some heat issues from the manifold... I like the idea! Might have to copy it! SUPER COOL!!!!

            Porsche 944 is an great example turbo is placed the same place.... odd enough its a 2.5 motor too
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