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  • 88 m3 2.5L

    Very nice, very quick e30 m3. 20k on 2.5L built right.
    $16,700 (firm) heck, just the motor receipts are more than that.
    feel free to pm or email with any questions.
    It was a garaged / California car until 2007.


    Nice clean exterior. Zinno in color. Zero rust. Windshield was recently replaced….again zero rust. Paint is in VERY good condition. Wing has no cracks. Scratch on bumper and rear quarter. Door ding on rear quarter. See pics.

    Nice clean interior. No wear on front seats. Rear seats need some leather care.

    The original motor was rebuilt about 20k miles ago. No expense spared. Everything was replaced. Some of the engine highlights:crank – authentic EVO III crank and oil pump.
    Larger valves, ported, stiffer springs - Turner stage III head.
    Schrick 284/276 cams
    Pauter H beam rods
    JE forged pistons
    Total seal rings
    Oil pan baffle
    ARP head and main studs
    Evo lightweight flywheel / new clutch
    Blanton fully rebuilt transmission.

    Ireland Engineering springs / Koni Adj. shocks and struts.

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    Jason, she looks good in stock mode also :click:
    The car is a steal at that price. You should have no problem selling it.


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      That looks like one hell-uva deal!

      Good luck


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        Originally posted by M drei 88 View Post
        Jason, she looks good in stock mode also :click:
        The car is a steal at that price. You should have no problem selling it.

        hey thanks dan. it was kinda nostalgic to drive a mostly stock car again. reminded me of the lachsilber car. only a lot quicker. got the motor in yet? cheers.

        Originally posted by igor700 View Post
        That looks like one hell-uva deal!

        Good luck
        thanks for the kind words. it is a steal. if you were to duplicate the rebuild, you would spend about 16k. so, consider it a free rust free straight car, free drivetrain and free suspension. cheers, jason.


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          Clean title? Original body panels? Mileage on the chassis? Why are you selling?
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            Originally posted by Anubis View Post
            Clean title? Original body panels? Mileage on the chassis? Why are you selling?
            yes, clean clear title in my posession.

            front quarters replaced when p.o. (fanatical enthusiast) had a parking lot mishap. work was completed by the dealer and done right. PERFECT color match (even under sodium lights) and PERFECT paint finish match. you definately can NOT tell.

            i have the carfax from last year. can fax if if needed. carfax showed a small discrepency (under 10k) in milage. the odo says 155 (ish). Previous owner said it was a clearical error. I listed it with 165 just in case any questions arose, im giving carfax the benifit of doubt.

            why am i selling? good question. I need a dedicated track car. Its too nice. i dont want to risk "balling it up." besides, i have other projects that need funding.

            cheers, jason
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              Dammn I've been watching your car for months, watching it slowly transform into the car I already have (other than the engine). Its too bad noone picked it up with all the other goodies still attached. It looked like a very well setup M.

              PS you got PM.
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                Yea, it was really disheartening. Everyone wants a near perfect / clean rust free sub 20k e30 m3. So, here it is. cheers, jason
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                  fine automobile... PM sent.


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                    Bump for a good guy! Somebody buy this thing will ya?! I might even buy it myself if nobody is enlightened enough to grab it! :-) Very sweet car...Clean Carfax...lived all of its life in California but for the past year in Wisconsin!

                    Good Luck Jason!



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                      Have any dyno pulls been made to document RWHP?
                      Bill Z


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                        Originally posted by lsupcar View Post
                        Have any dyno pulls been made to document RWHP?
                        Bill Z
                        This was jims car until last year. it was built side by side with Gustav's. Here's an old dyno. (JRB for reference.)



                        here is more info on the motor.


                        i do not have a current dyno run. and to be honest, im sure it is currently below the 225.8 rwhp mark. the intake and exhaust have been returned to stock.

                        Originally posted by Peepers View Post
                        fine automobile... PM sent.
                        just received forwarded pm.....I emailed you.

                        cheers, jason
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                          OOOOOOOOOOOF wish you were local. but i've got my eye on an alpine beauty upstate now.
                          "Hearing the metallic clatter of the valves, the wind, tire and road noise....the endless stream of morse code that comes through the seat bottom and steering wheel. It's amazing."--:OMG:S14addict:OMG:


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                            Are you interested on a trade + $$ Rolling Chassis (No Engine, harness and Transmission) so you can make your Track car...

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                              Too bad I don't have the funds right now. I would highly consider it. We chat on this earlier, but couldn't do anything. Still an excellent example. GLwS
                              M3M ichel (oo=00=oo)