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FS: PA - 1990 M3 Diamond Black, Well Modded, Very Clean, New Motor

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  • FS: PA - 1990 M3 Diamond Black, Well Modded, Very Clean, New Motor

    Up for sale is my 1990 E30 M3. It is Diamond Black with a black/grey interior. The car has 79,000 miles on it. This car is in extremely good condition with only a few minor flaws. As you can see from the pictures and the modification list, this is a clean, well taken care of car with tasteful modifications. As pretentious as it sounds, the car has won awards as a show and race car. No expense was spared in making this car right. I am truly in love with this car, but financially I have to part with it. My loss is your gain, and I can assure you that this car will make its new owner very, very happy.

    The car has been used for track days and autocrosses by myself and by the previous two owners. In 2006 I won the Pennsylvania state autocross championship in STX with this car. I have also set a track record in STX class at the Beaverun Wilson Circuit in Beaver, PA. I set that record in 2006, it still stands today. The car is fast and handles amazingly… a true testament to the time, research, and money put into this car. Except for spinning a rod bearing, I have never had a mechanical failure with this car at the track or otherwise. The car was never abused; I am a conscientious driver, I have driven for major manufacturers as a factory race car driver in SCCA Pro Racing and I currently coach race car drivers in SCCA, BMWCCA, etc. This car was never beat on at the track and was always impeccably maintained.

    Cosmetically I can rate the car as a 9/10. There are a handful of minor scratches and rock dings in the paint, but for a 20 year old car it is looking stellar. The metallic black paint shines wonderfully and presents a mirror finish when polished and waxed properly. The car won “Hottest BMW” at the Import Fusion show in Pittsburgh, PA. The interior is nearly flawless, the only defects being some wear on the steering wheel and a 1/8” hole drilled into the dash for a radar detector.

    The motor was just redone in February by McB Autosport in Pittsburgh, PA after I spun a rod bearing during a track day. There are currently 1,600 miles on the new motor. I intended to keep the car, and thus had the motor built right over the course of two years. This is not a “fix and to get rid of it” rebuild like is unfortunately sometimes the case. This is a solid motor that was built correctly and it shows.

    I have maintained the car religiously. All my service and repairs are done at McB Autosport in Bridgeville, PA. They know these cars inside and out, and they service my M3 and 3 additional E30 M3s in my family. I am willing to spend the money to have repairs and modifications done correctly, and I believe that it shows in the final product. I will gladly make the car available for pre purchase inspections or test drives. I am confident that you will like what you see.

    Engine Rebuild:
    I had the motor rebuilt in 2006 after spinning a rod bearing at a track day. We decided to do everything the “right” way, and the engine was pulled out of the car and completely torn down and redone. Every wear item (bearings, seals, rings, etc) was replaced, and everything else was checked out/machined to spec. This includes head, crankshaft, etc. When the motor was reassembled the throttle bodies were calibrated and the valves were adjusted. The motor was babied through a gentle 1000 mile break in period and subsequently passed its 1000 mile inspection with flying colors. The motors runs better than it ever has and burns no oil. More details of the engine rebuild are available upon request, I can have my mechanic go over the specific details with a buyer if need be.

    Known Issues:
    Although this car is very well sorted, I want to be as fair as possible to anyone considering purchasing it. Here is a list of every known defect with the car:

    Fan clutch is beginning to squeak at high loads – it may be on its way out

    Idle control valve seems to be dirty and/or broken. The car idles at 1000rpm. I have not fixed this yet – it is in no way detrimental to the car so I have let it be.

    Occasionally the “brake light falure” light will illuminate on the OBC. As far as I understand, this is a problem common to the Startec tail lights. The brake lights have never actually failed, this is simply an instrumentation error.

    Modification List:

    Stock rebuild 1,600 miles ago (see details below)
    Iigomtiv 93 Octane chip
    VSR High flow cat center section
    Borla cat back muffler

    Group N hardened rubber transmission mounts
    UUC EVO SSK w/delrin carrier bushing
    Turner carbon fiber shift knob
    Powerflex differential bushing
    Evo lightweight flywheel

    All turner chassis reinforcement kits, front and rear (welded)
    Ireland Engineering rear swaybar reinforcements (mounted to trunk floor)

    Ground Control complete coil over kit
    Ground Control camber plates
    Koni SA shocks front and rear (F & R are top adjust, hard to find top adjust rears)
    Ireland Engineering hollow front sway bar
    Ireland Engineering rear sliding sway bar
    Powerflex RTABS
    Powerflex rear subframe bushings
    Delrin front control arm bushings
    Bimmerworld wheel stud kit
    Kosei K1 15x8 wheels with Yokohama EVS100 225/50/15

    Bimmerworld caliper guide pins
    Evo rotors
    Hawk HPS rear pads
    Hawk HPS front pads or Carbotech HP10 front pads
    Bimmerworld stainless brake lines
    ATE Superblue fluid
    Bimmerworld brake duct kit

    VSR roll bar
    Schroth Profi FIA approved harnesses
    Recaro SRD seats (drivers side on custom speedware bracket to lower seat)
    AC Schnitzer E brake handle
    AC Schnitzer pedal cover set
    European EVO suede steering wheel

    Competition Concepts carbon fiber rear wing with adjustable carbon fiber DTM flap
    JEDM3 carbon fiber E3 replica front splitter
    Startec tinted taillights
    Hella H1 headlights
    Clear front turn signal markers
    Painted EVO tow hook covers (needs a clip replaced)

    Asking price is $26,000.

    Again, this car will make someone very happy. I would love for this car to go to a BMW enthusiast owner who can take care of it correctly and appreciate it for what it is. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me using the email below.

    Thanks for looking!
    Dave Heinz
    [email protected]

    M3 For Sale
    M3 For Sale
    M3 For Sale
    M3 For Sale
    M3 For Sale
    Before the different recaros, shift knob and suede wheel.
    M3 For Sale
    The car before the splitter and Koseis.
    M3 For Sale
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    Car looks very nice! I'm partial to DS '90 M3's! Those Kosei wheels look really good on there.

    Good luck with the sale!



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      The car is still tucked away in my garage, awaiting a new owner. Who wants it?

      Edit -

      Here are the previous for sale ads for this car. The owner before me bought the car off of this forum, I bought it from roadfly.

      As you can see it is well documented. The car was sold by the original owner, who sold it to B-Stead, who sold it to Chapin, who sold it to Alex who sold it to me. Although a 5 owner car, it is seriously well documented. You can hear what some of the members on this forum have to say about the car in the previous threads:
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