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FS: 1989 M3 Zinnoberot

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  • FS: 1989 M3 Zinnoberot

    1989 E30 M3 Zinnoberot

    Very beautiful car. Mechanically sound. Runs excellent. Body /frame in great condition. 130kmi; motor overhauled at 118kmi. New Yokohama S-drive/brakes/shocks. Completely stock except Dinan chip.

    Asking $20k/offer

    Note: missing VIN sticker on front left fender.

    Email with questions. Thanks for looking. Car in Milpitas, CA.

    Also have Eibach spting kit for E30 M3 and 4 spare E30 M3 wheels (1 has leak but can be repaired) for sale.
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    Looks solid and mostly original, except for the steering wheel & CD player. Nice looking car. Interior looks a bit tired, but it's likely original.

    My suggestion: You need to post a little more information or have answers ready for alot of questions for a $20k car (or any car FTM)......

    VIN (for sure), # owners, condition (rust, body work, paint) any upgrades, engine work (rebuilds if any - explain what "overhauled" means). Never hurts to have a PPI done "before" listing FS (complete with compression & leakdown #'s) as this will invariably be required before a purchase anyway.


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      More info about the car:

      VIN: WBSAK
      Body/frame: great condition, no rust
      Paint: chips on hood, rear spoiler needs repaint, front spoiler is new, front BMW emblem fading paint, rear emblem is good as are all M3 emblems
      Tires: Yokohama S-drive 6kmi ago
      brakes rotors/pads: 15kmi ago
      Shocks/struts: 15kmi ago
      motor: new piston rings, rod & crank bearings, timing chain, guides, tensioner, valves, gaskets, oil pump & chain, motor mounts, radiator hoses, clutch, power steering hoses, alternator 8kmi ago; motor is original and has not been bored/stroked
      differential: resealed and refilled 6kmi ago
      ac: R134a evacuate and recharge 8kmi ago
      stereo: stock unit will be installed upon sale
      All work done by Motorspeed West.

      Feel free to ask any questions. I don't know the compression and leakdown numbers. Anyone interested is welcome to have the car inspected. I have all papers since I bought the car in 1995, plus all papers from the second owner who bought it from San Jose British Motors (trade in). The car drives excellent, handles great, everything works, no leaks, rattles, squeaks. The car should need no additional work (other than routine maintenance).

      Asking $20k but I'm open to offers, so please don't be shy.
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        The car is back on the market, now at 155kmi and $35k. That is 25kmi and $15k increase since the ad was first posted 7 years ago I'll adjust the price up/down accordingly as I get queries about the car. The car has been great, but it's time to let it go. Routine maintenance, four new Dunlop Direzza, new battery are installed. The paint condition hasn't changed, but the seats have cracked more, likely due to heat in the garage (the car is always garaged). Pics are here: . The beginning pics are old, but the car is mostly in the same condition. The pictures towards the end show the current condition of the seats.Thanks for looking.


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          Just had the car's motor and chassis steam cleaned. Pics have been updated to show the chassis/underneath the car.

          To clarfiy, the car now has:
          Bilstein sport shocks/struts @ 115kmi
          Front brake pads/rotors @ 115kmi
          Motor overhaul @ 118kmi (details above)
          4 Dunlop Direzza tires @ 149kmi
          Flex disc/transmission mount/exhaust hangers/air filter/fuel filter @ 153kmi
          AC recharge @ 155kmi
          Motor and chassis steam clean @ 155kmi

          Asking $35k; the old price no longer stands


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            Closing this thread as it is too confusing with the pricing change.