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  • Feeler,pending sale, EVO II

    I have decided to offer the Nogaro Evo II up for sale. Not an easy decision as this is an off-the-charts cool car, but I now have the opportunity to purchase the home Iíve been caretaking at a greatly discounted price as the owner passed away this week. Combined with my sonís acceptance this Fall into a high-powered engineering school, I simply need to re-prioritize.
    Original F/S thread:

    Since-I-bought-it thread:

    I have a potential buyer already, but we have not discussed my new timetable, I sent him an email today, so I'm putting this out there as a backup.
    IF we cannot make the deal happen: Iíd prefer to sell the car outright, however, I may consider partial trades of the project-car variety (E30 M3ís only).

    Pistonheads has a couple of Evo IIís in the 35K ($) range, in England, Iím thinking this one, being in the US already, should fetch in the mid-40ís. To quote the original owner of this car, ďDonít like the price of this oneÖbuy anotherĒ (Thanks Graham!)

    Car is registered and inspected in NH, THIS STATE DOES NOT ISSUE TITLES TO CARS OVER 20 YEARS OLD, PERIOD. The Live Free or Die State does not require tailpipe testing either.

    I will update the photos in the above link this week. Iíll probably be leaving the car with Mario Langsten in the next 2 weeks or so for a thorough mechanical inspection as I didnít get it to him last Fall. PPIís are welcome and encouraged, there are several competent BMW shops in the area, though none as competent as his.

    I have First Refusal on this home, and the buyer with whom Iíve been chatting has First Refusal on this car, Iím putting this feeler out there because I know the car business a little too well.

    Please read through the original FS thread as most of the questions about this car have been asked and answered. The mileage is about 300Km higher than when I took delivery.

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    Sam, this must be a tough one. Folks, this was a great car to start with and you can see Sam has taken it to a whole new level with the work he's done. This is a once in a lifetime (well, okay, at least until 2013) opportunity to get yourselves an Evo II that is already sitting in the US. Trust me, buying one overseas is a huge pain.


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      I'm assuming this has not been federalized ?


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        The car is on the open market, I'm looking for $42K, the photos have been updated (above). I will consider partial trades, just not $30K show-cars (I need to downsize a little
        Update: the new suspension components brought this car back to life in a big way, a sheer joy to drive.


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          Sorry to hear your selling the EVO after you just got it. I'm sure Mario worked his magic on the front suspension, I did mine the same. To bad we won't get to play on the Kancamangous however you spell it. Wish I had another $20k around I'd trade you mine and cash. Best of luck with your sale


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            What a car. I'd be all over it if it was federalized already.


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              I will buy this car in a heart beat if I got the cash, GLWS!


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                interested as well if it can be federalized....


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                  ^^^ wow ^^^^
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                    would u be interested in trading for mine. i have a 1990 with s38 and bullseye s368 turbo top mounted.


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                      I guess the perfect trade candidate would be a straight, stock car in need of restoration, I'm imagining some rust-free, sun-baked, Arizona barn find in the $10K range. I really need another restoration project to keep me sane.
                      Absent that, maybe a Euro M635CSi...
                      I do have some interest in the car, maybe she'll be moving on soon.

                      On a side note, this car will need an engine fan installed to deal with US traffic and weather, if I have it much longer I'm going to do it myself. She was originally a northern-Eurpoean-market car and came with heated seats, but no AC, and no engine fan, just the aux fan. And I thought NH weather was cold!, the fan,shroud, and clutch are direct bolt-ons.


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                        ah ok damn good luck with sale. but something to think about is id offer u 20k on top of my car if u decide ur interested.


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                          Still F/S, waiting on one potential buyer. A recent health issue is pushing me more toward a straight sale than a trade, probably going to be downsizing a bit.
                          If no action in the next few days, I'll be throwing out the ebay advertising net.


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                            I read the older FS post but couldn't figure out how you got the car imported into the US (your only post is at the end). I understand you're in NH and they don't require a title nor emissions testing but I'm trying to figure out how the car went through customs.

                            What did you do ??, just drove the car across the Canadian border, registered and park it at your place ??

                            Also, what's your asking price ?, you mention price references but no official asking price.

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                              Originally posted by sam3 View Post
                              Still F/S, waiting on one potential buyer. A recent health issue is pushing me more toward a straight sale than a trade, probably going to be downsizing a bit.
                              If no action in the next few days, I'll be throwing out the ebay advertising net.
                              seems to me that it's on ebay already: