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E30 M3 Craigslist DC with 3.5liter Alpina engine....No Affiliation

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    Is that a battery in the tray as well?
    Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


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      Originally posted by M-technik-3 View Post
      Is that a battery in the tray as well?
      Yep I believe so
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        This may be stuff that you already know, but having owned a few Alpina cars I thought I would mention the following: 1) Alpina has stamped the blocks on all of their builds since the early 80's. No stamp, no Alpina. 2) Alpina has issued it's own VINs since 9/85. 3) Alpina is pretty helpful these days about answering questions on the older cars. For a while they were difficult to get information from, but that gave them a bit of a black eye in the enthusiast community and that seems to have changed. Anyway, hope that helps, The car in question is obviously a steaming hunk of funky junk. A real Alpina B6 3.5S is at the absolute top of my want list. I got to drive one in the late 90's in Belgium. Have never quite shaken it off. When 2015 hits, I plan to start shopping.
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          While we are at it might as well...

          - Tire is the other control arm bushing.


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            I believe this car was built as a project by CR's BMW Whole Sale in Newville PA.