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1989 M3 Feeler/FS

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  • 1989 M3 Feeler/FS

    Putting up a feeler post to put up my M3 for sale.

    The Facts:
    Miles: 189K (working odometer)
    Color: Lachssilber Metallic
    Wheels: BMW Style 42s, off of a 540i I beleive, tires are healthy.
    VIN: WBSAK0303K2198163
    Location: Dayton, OH

    Personal Ratings (My Arbitrary Opinion):
    Engine: 9/10
    Interior: 9/10
    Exterior 6.5/10

    I the third owner of this car, but have only owned it for 1 year. I am currently located in Dayton, OH but plan to move to out to D.C. in the near future. As much as I would love to keep it, garage space will not be an option once I move so it must find a new home.
    Overall the car is very solid, although the motor has high miles it was completely rebuilt less then 10K miles ago. Have receipts for every part, parts alone add up to about $12K. I have an excel file with the complete list as well as receipts. Rebuilt was done my BMW mechanic, the previous owner. When car was purchased I had a full inspection and valve adjustment done by local BMW dealer. The only issues mentioned by dealer was a cracked fog light (hairline crack) and one part of the right front suspension was "loose" and "should be looked at in the near future", car has been driven less then 300 miles since then.
    In the 12 months I have owned this car it has started up easy and clean.
    The only issues with the car reside in the exterior of the paint. There is almost no rust (only one small spot on the inner sunroof panel, see photo album) and only small dings here and there, but the paint is a bit worn and tired. The front bumper and read wing are the worst, and you should be able to see this clearly in the pictures, but also the front fenders and driver side door are a bit faded. This is hard to pick up in pictures.

    Start negotiating at $13,500.

    PM me or Email me questions - [email protected]

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    I might have to pick this up if its still available next month


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      Gotten a few questions by email, I will publish them here so I dont have to repeat answers... I was posting at work so skipped over a few things:

      Q: Can you please elaborate on what was done during the engine rebuild.
      A: The engine was rebuild around 176-180K miles, it was mostly a stock rebuilt except 11:1 JE pistons were added, and a lightened fly wheel to the transmission, these are the only non-stock items on the vehicle. The head was resurfaced and all new valves and spring we replaced. The block was cleaned, bored, honed, and the crank was polished. Nothing to my knowledge has been done to the ECU, Cams, or cam gears. Mostly the engine was just sorted with new parts, fuel pump, radiator, fuel pressure regulator, alternator, hoses, gaskets, bolts, bushings, etc. Clutch was re-manufactured.

      One thing I did not mention, there is no A/C it has been removed but I still have the old parts.

      Q: What has been done with the suspension?
      A: Front and Rear Bilstein shocks and H&R Sport springs make up the only modifications I know of to the suspension. I would guess the car sits about 1/4 - 1/2 inch lower then stock.

      Q: How do things work with the interior?
      Does the computer next to the radio function correctly?
      Do the overhead warning lights function?
      How are the window motors and sunroof motor?
      Do the mirror adjusts work? Does the cruise control work?

      A: As far as I know everything works properly. I can say for certain the power windows, sunroof, and mirrors all work perfectly. The computer on the dash seems to work, reads time, MPG etc, seems to work properly. There are no cracks at all on the dash. The radio seems to work, but randomly half the time instead of playing music it will produce an annoying squeal for no apparent reason. The next time you get in the car it will work fine. This may just be a slightly loose connection? Over head lights seem to work, the seat-belt one does and all the others are for situations I have not encountered like, low washer fluid, but I assume they work. Cruise control... good question I never tried.

      Q: How are the seals, both window and sunroof?
      A: Should be good. I drove in the rain 1 time (a storm popped up on me) and there was no sign of water inside what so ever.

      Q: Do you have car fax? Has it been in any accidents? Do all VINs match?
      No, sorry I do not have car car and have never seen one. If someone runs a report I would love to see it. That being said I assume no accidents because all VINs on panels match, there is a clean title, and there is nothing that would leave me to believe otherwise.

      Q: What was lose in the right front suspension?
      A: I wrote the original posting at work, when I look at my records it was the left front suspension. Report from dealer says "Needs left front tie rod assembly (worn) $268.40" this is parts + labor and you could get it cheaper at a normal shop I am sure. They did not press me on that issue very hard, telling me that it isn't really that bad or anything urgent. They could have just been making it up to make another sale?

      All I got for now.


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        Honest seller and great looking car.

        Good luck with the sale


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          looks nice, good price too.
          '90 M3 alpine/black
          '90 M3 sterling/grey
          '88 M5 Black/tan
          '10 GT3 meteor


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            Looks like a good deal. This won't last.

            88 M3
            Black on Black

            San Diego, CA


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              If someone needs a look at this car I am close and don't mind. Let me know.......
              Charley Terhune
              89 Zinno M3- stock 90k miles
              89 Zinno M3- 2.5 etc. etc.


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                Car Fax WBSAK0303K2198163 1989 M3

                Date: Mileage: Source: Comments:
                06/25/1991 27,936 California
                Inspection Station
                Yorba Linda, CA Passed emissions inspection
                01/17/1993 40,585 California
                Inspection Station
                Yorba Linda, CA Passed emissions inspection
                08/30/1994 45,000 Indiana
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Carmel, IN
                Title #94105155053 Title issued or updated
                Loan or lien reported
                08/22/1997 North Carolina
                Damage Report Accident reported
                Involving a rear impact
                or collision
                04/07/1999 113,832 North Carolina
                Inspection Station
                Charlotte, NC Failed emissions inspection
                04/14/1999 North Carolina
                Inspection Station
                Charlotte, NC Passed emissions inspection
                05/30/2001 99,915 Indiana
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Fishers, IN
                Title #01227096021 Title issued or updated

                It's tough to tell whether this is a sign of an odometer rollback or just a clerical error. Your best move is to get a mechanic or the seller to confirm the mileage.
                02/03/2003 150,046 Indiana
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Sheridan, IN
                Title #03105015039 Title issued or updated
                New owner reported
                Loan or lien reported
                05/28/2004 Indiana
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Sheridan, IN
                Title #04227103097 Title issued or updated
                New owner reported
                06/19/2004 170,504 Ohio
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Camden, OH
                Title #6800233082 Title issued or updated
                05/12/2008 Ohio
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Miamisburg, OH Registration updated when owner moved
                the vehicle to a new location
                07/18/2009 Ohio
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Dayton, OH
                Title #6800233082 Registration issued or renewed
                Registration updated when owner moved
                the vehicle to a new location
                03/24/2010 184,476 Ohio
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Dayton, OH Vehicle purchase reported
                03/25/2010 Ohio
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Dayton, OH
                Title #5704208687 Title issued or updated
                Registration issued or renewed
                New owner reported
                11/30/2010 Ohio
                Motor Vehicle Dept.
                Dayton, OH
                Title #5704208687 Registration issued or renewed


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                  looks like there was a rear end accident on carfax, can you verify with a pic that the trunk still has the vin#? May help reduce any worry potential buyers may have. Can't be that bad of a rear end accident if the original trunk is still there
                  '90 M3 alpine/black
                  '90 M3 sterling/grey
                  '88 M5 Black/tan
                  '10 GT3 meteor


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                    Deposit received on this car. Sale currently pending.


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                      Yes, good to see car fax, I will double check the trunk VIN.


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                        Car is sold and gone, 2 days and 20 hours later.