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Laschilber 1988 M3

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  • Laschilber 1988 M3

    So heres a quick rundown, no bs, being 100% straight, everyone here has been more than help, so just being honest. Price for s14 = 18.5 FIRM, OR trade for Suv +cash. Just had a kid 3 mo's ago, and life has taken a different turn. Ive gotten to the point where i dont have any more time for the vehicle, even though it is almost done. im at a big loss either way i look at it, and it really is a big part of me, but i just wont be able to take care of the family unless i get rid of it.

    2nd owner, Never any accidents /dings etc, all numbers matching on every panel. ive driven it maybe 10 times since i purchased it over a year ago. bought it from original owner, paint was faded, decided to take it in for full professional respray. (have plenty of pictures before/after) Job was about 8k not including all the extra lil bits and pieces. (paint is SUPER thick, about 5coats + 5 clear, wet sanding between. pictures do not do it any justice what so ever.) seats/interior is all original, no cuts/tears, very very clean for the age.

    Im sure i am forgetting ALOT, but this is off the top of my head,
    -Evo 3 Rear wing, adjustable flap, full cf construction, had the base painted at the same time as car, and the flap left in cf. (oem wing was painted at same time as well, have both options)
    -Brand new smilies, 5k 55w Xenons. (havnt had a chance to hook up highbeams yet.)
    - All brand new seals around bumpers/windows/sunroof etc. Evo bumper seal in front.
    - O.z Racing Futura's, 17x8.5 et 13 all around, all new tires. wheels were completely stripped/refinished/powdercoated.
    -Fresh alignment
    - Brand new cat converter, full stock exhaust
    - Thermostat/sensor/coolant lines all replaced in last 200 miles.
    - full front suspension overhaul, ( control arms/cab's etc) all replaced in last 200mi
    - exhaust header studs all replaced in last 200 mi
    - Euro rear plate filler
    - Mtech 2 steering wheel
    - White suede shift boot w/ BMW oem //M light up shift knob.
    - Alpine stereo w/ipod
    - Luke Box (R3v) w/ Alpine type r sub and amp.
    -Cluster rings/alpina strip
    - Brand new air filter
    - Brand new fuel filter, replaced all rubber lines revolving that area, and from the metal line -> rail. only BMW oem lines were used and oem filters.
    Please keep in mind i have all oem parts as well, ive basically kept everything that ive replaced.

    - Aux fan low speed doesnt work, i always leave ac button on and it keeps it on, but i rarely need it. (i only drive it on long trips, previous owner drove it 80mi round trip to work everyday since 88.) im assuming it probably just the relay.
    - No Heater/AC, (p.o. just routed the lines back to the motor, im assuming the heater core went out... honestly havnt looked into it yet.)
    - no high beams hooked up, havnt had time to install them since put in the smiliey headlights.
    - Just got a oil leak the other day, still havnt had a chance to see where its coming from, but im assuming its either pan gasket or the oil filter housing...
    - on cold, 2nd gear isnt always as willing to go into gear, its not a problem soon as it warms up, im assuming just needs a good fluid flush/fill.
    - the panel under steering wheel has a tendancy to sag a little bit, its missing a clip or two...

    I will continue to update this list until it is sold, i will probably be doing heater core etc as soon as time permits, but keep in mind price will also change. Im not in a hurry to sell the car, but its been holding me back quite a bit from being able to help support the new addition to our family. as stated above, looking for 18.5 firm, or Trade for SUV+ cash. Im at an incredible loss at this price/offer. many many many more pictures are available upon request....

    - Alex

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    You have PM
    email me: bimerz at aol dot com
    wtb-e30 M3 (blk)
    ex-'86 e30 325
    '97 e39
    '86 911 Carrera


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      Where are you located?

      I'm interested in the car.


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        Located in the bay area, Cali.


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          I have a 2003 MB ML500. Interest in a trade plus cash? I'm in San Jose.
          2008 Porsche 997 GT3 - Yellow/Black, 19" HRE P40
          1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Vspec - Silver/Black
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          1989 BMW 325is - Red/Black, Track Prep
          1986 Mercedes 190E - DTM EVO II Replica, Honda F22C swap
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          2003 Mercedes ML500 - Silver/Grey


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            Originally posted by airkhin View Post
            Located in the bay area, Cali.
            Im in the bay..have a 2006 bmw x3 black ext/ carmel interior, with m package,nav,cd,sports, xtended maintenance/warranty till 2012.. 60+/-k miles... this is an extra car for us.. trade plus cash on your end..???:gotcha:
            Pics if your interested..

            Values from kbb:


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              ^ not really interested in the x3's sorry, drove a few and wasnt too impressed, thanks for the offer though...


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                Update : oil leak has been fixed, still no heater core connected, but ac blows cold! All 3 new exhaust hangers and new coolant cap / oil change.


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                  How many miles are on this car?


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                    sent you a pm.
                    1988 BMW M3
                    2004 Porsche GT3
                    2011 BMW M3 (Convertible)


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                      miles are at around 230k. pm's replied.


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                        Bump, been working 12hr days, sorry for delays to gettin back to people. Heater core has been ordered so will be done soon hopefully.


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                          still fs...


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                            I have an interest in your e30 m3. My contact information is listed below.

                            Dennis Aubuchon
                            [email protected]


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                              Alex, I think I have already sent this message, but just in case I will send a second one. My contact info. is listed below. I do have an interest in your m3.

                              Dennis Aubuchon
                              [email protected]