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Not mine, but I looked at it...Ebay listing

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  • Not mine, but I looked at it...Ebay listing

    I went and checked this car out. VERY clean, and Gary really seems to know his stuff. I would love to grab it but I am looking for more of a car to restore, as this one is pretty much turn-key. He would not BUDGE on price.

    Things to note;

    - original timing belt, but with e36 tensioner
    - rear seat is covered with a towel, and he has 2 dogs he carries back there on occasion.
    - front seats looked great, and had sheepskin covers.
    - paint looked great. a few dings, but really nice for as old as it is.
    - Dinan chip
    - stock exhaust
    - Dinan suspension

    He took me on a nice long test drive, and even got it to drift a few times. seemed strong, but it was my first ride in an e30 M3.

    If anyone wants more details let me know


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    that is original timing CHAIN...i am not an aminal.....