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FS: 1988 E30 M3 in NY with many track parts

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  • FS: 1988 E30 M3 in NY with many track parts

    I’m selling my 1988 BMW E30 M3 (9/87 build). Car is in absolutely perfect condition. I purchased the car in October 2010 and went through absolutely EVERYTHING to bring it to the condition that it is in today. Unfortunately, personal condition forces the sale of my toys, I would keep it otherwise since it is an amazing car and I really love it.

    The car has had a great history, I bought it outside Chicago and it was once owned by an E30 M3 guru over there, and also worked on by a local E30 M3 specialist in Illinois. Replacement dealer rebuilt engine was installed in 2000, engine was rebuilt in 2008. The previous owner installed various goodies, so you can see the car was very well looked after (he even had a Turner oil pan baffle which I replaced with a VAC unit). I have the original manuals with the dealer stamped service history, and service history/receipts from my ownership. Please see the work done to the car below, almost all of this work was completed in early 2011 besides what the previous owner did.

    - Remus cat back exhaust & center exhaust with resonator only/no cats (previous owner)
    - Evo airbox (previous owner)
    - E36 S50 timing chain tensioner (previous owner)
    - VAC Oil pan baffle kit
    - Magnecor KV85 spark plus wires
    - Iigomotiv SS93 chip
    - VAC Polyurethane alternator bushings
    - UUC stainless steel braided clutch line

    - H&R Race springs & Bilstein shocks (previous owner)
    - Racing Dynamics swaybars (previous owner)
    - Steel control arms & offset bushings (previous owner)
    - Ireland Engineering front & rear shock tower braces
    - Ground Control street adjustable front camber plates
    - Ground Control alloy rear shock tower upper mounts
    - VAC E30 M3 complete reinforcement kit: front subframe, rear swaybar mount, rear swaybar link mount

    - Ireland Engineering DOT approved stainless steel brake lines
    - Bimmerworld Front brake cooling duct backing plates
    - 25mm brake master cylinder
    - Evo front rotors, genuine rear rotors
    - Hawk HP+ brake pads

    - 17x8 et20 Team Dynamics 1.2 race wheels
    - Goodyear Eagle F1 235/40 17 tires
    - Bimmerworld 75mm wheel stud kit
    - Euro tow hook cover kit
    - VAC fiberglass brake ducts
    - Depo euro “smiley” headlights
    - Custom front splitter
    - Factory BMW E30 M3 oil pan skidplate

    - Sparco Torino 2 front seats with Sparco sliders
    - Creative Options rear seat cover with matching Sparco fabric
    - Sony CDX-GT550UI stereo with USB & aux inputs
    - Rogue Engineering clutch stop
    - VAC BMW Z3 1.9 Short shift basic kit
    - UUC shifter DSSR & delrin carrier bushings
    - Mcracing E30 carbon fiber door cards & back panels
    - Bavarian Auto all weather floor mats

    Regular maintenance items, most from 2011:
    - A/C lines (previous owner)
    - Replaced both front door lock cylinders
    - Replaced front strut to steering arm bolts
    - Replaced fuel injectors with new units (stock output, updated flow design)
    - Speedometer differential sensor
    - Coolant temperature sensor
    - Air flow meter
    - Ignition cap & rotor
    - Various coolant/air hoses & air filter
    - Spark plugs
    - Front swaybar links
    - Rear sidemarkers (left and right)

    The car was maintained by me to a very high standard. Base idle and CO were set, throttle bodies were synchronized, air flow meter was fine tuned, coolant was flushed and changed, power steering fluid was flushed and changed, spark plugs were replaced with Bosch units, even transmission & differential fluids were changed with the proper Redline oil. Tires are like new as are the brakes (Evo rotors, Hawk pads, and race brake fluid mean the car stops on a dime!), they all have only about one thousand miles on them. Please let me know if you want to see a full parts & labor list, I have it all in excel along with the dates of service. I even installed the very rare factory oil pan skidplate, so destroying the oil pan on bumps is no longer a concern with this car. The engine runs very strong without any issues.

    Please note that I spent a large amount of labor in having the car gone through such that any traces of rust (there was very little) were removed and treated. All underbody rust was taken care of, as was an area inside the rear quarter panel near the fuel filler. At the same time, I repaired a dent and scrape on the rear passenger quarter panel (absolutely no body filler was used), and had the interior carpet removed and the interior seam sealed. I was going to use the car as an occasional street car and weekend track car, so I did this in preparation to put in a cage but never got around to doing it. I installed the beautiful carbon fiber door panels which had to come all the way from France, these are impossible to get in the states. Please note also that the car exterior was originally lachssilber and is now alpinweiss (previous owner had this done in 2005 as he preferred the color), and the interior was cardinal red. The original color can still be seen in the engine bay, but the trunk was fully gone through for rust by me and painted black. I was going to do the engine bay next. The color change didn’t bother me since I wanted a solid foundation for a good driver car, not a show car.

    I have personally spent $6k in parts & $10k in labor since owning this car, the car needs nothing!! I would have no problem driving it across the country. Only thing that needs attention are the shock absorbers, they are getting worn and therefore are a touch soft for my taste. The car was recently checked by my mechanic and he also noted that it needs no work. The car also passes safety inspection in NY with ease.

    I am looking to get close to $16.5k for the car which I think is a fair price according to market values and the work done to it. Again, the car is in excellent shape inside and outside and has been a very dependable, fun car for me. This car cannot be duplicated for that price. Please send me a message if you’re interested to test drive it or want to see pictures. Mileage is 167k, but obviously the engine has considerably less than that since it is a dealer replacement engine from just a few years back. I am looking for a quick sale, so I am considering putting this on ebay soon but wanted forum members to have a chance to buy this amazing car first.
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    pictures of nice cars are always nice for a sale

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      I unfortunately have no way of hosting pics, I'll try to set something up. Until then, PM me and I'll email pics to anyone interested.


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        it's really not very difficult, and even then google can make everybody smart...

        Karl Kraus --Education is a crutch with which the foolish attack the wise to prove that
        they are not idiots.


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          Sounds like a nice car built in the right direction.

          If you want to send me what you have I can host them for you no problem.

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            I just uploaded pics to this site, can everyone see this?


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              Originally posted by kiato4 View Post
              I just uploaded pics to this site, can everyone see this?
              I can!


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                Good looking car.. Are all the body pannels matching vin #s?


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                  I've had a few questions on this, OBC and cruise control were deleted for the track (work was done properly by an E30 M3 specialist, PM me for more info).


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                    Car looks very nice. Should be a quick sale. GL.


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                      Everywhere I checked, the body panels had the VIN but I can't say I checked every panel. If you can tell me where to look, I will do so. If I recall correctly, I even found the build sticker stapled under the rear seat when I first bought the car.


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                        Car is now on ebay, reserve is low as I'm looking for a quick sale:
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                          In 2008 the car didn't have an engine, so how was it rebuilt? and


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                            The person selling the car at the time was 2 owners back, I spoke to him when I was purchasing the car. The engine needed a rebuild at the time so he was looking to sell the car as a roller without the engine, but instead the engine was rebuilt and put back in the car. He sold the car with the fixed engine to the person I bought it from who is a friend of his in Chicago (that guy had an E46 M3 and this E30 M3, a true enthusiast).


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                              2 days left in auction, reserve was met so this car will sell