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1988 M3 Henna

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  • 1988 M3 Henna


    As much as i wanted to keep this forever.
    Things are changing so fast,
    I am selling off some cars,. This is the one I want to keep but might be the easiest to sell.

    I want to get 14,000 for it.
    I have just done a valve adjustment, oil change and had a full inspection
    by the Ben Thongsi westchester, IL

    this car has tons of history on this forum
    Ask any question Via PM or email.
    [email protected]

    here is the original for sale ad from kevin.
    1988 Henna on Tan M3... Chassis has 240k miles but everything else is newer...

    $14,500 obo

    110k on the drive train- compression numbers are solid 190-200 cold and dry
    New subframe bushings last week
    Fresh alingment
    brand new tires on a new refinished weaves
    new fluids- from diff, PS, coolant, A/C just converted and filled, trans, engine...
    interior is mint tan interior- no cracks in the dash- all lights work...
    Cluster just stopped working for the mileage--- I will change with a spare cluster that I have
    Suspension is all sorted out with stock, springs, sways, etc...

    new s50 tensioner installed last summer, FPR is newer, fuel pump and filter were replaced last summer, stock exhaust, new K&N drop in filter... new cap and rotor, new plugs just done a few weeks ago...

    True EvoIII splitter and under tray(From Patrick BMW) installed last year with a MA Shaw rear EVOIII spoiler

    There was some minor work needed on the rear quarter drivers side along time ago, I believe it was before Jordan owned it... It looks solid... just thought would mention that it had some paint work...

    Clear on the front drivers fender is pealing a little, it hasn't pealed any more since I have owned it but still want to give a clear picture of condition.

    This is not a garage queen, as you can tell by the mileage it is a drivers car, hop in and drive... Now as many will know that you don't get to this mileage with out maintaining and replacing worn parts so please know that the car has been gone through... Still not a new car so please don't buy if you expect to put nothing into it for years... I have replaced a ton of stuff in this car to help restore it back to stock condition, all the go fast parts are off and is sitting in stock form.

    Valves were done maybe 5-10k miles ago... I know I am missing a ton of information so for serious buyers send me a PM or email and I would be happy to get you any additional information.

    thanks for looking


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    Man I miss this car... I did offer to buy it back not that long ago...



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      good lookin car, fair price. glws...



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        Hey that was my car before Kevin owned it!! You mentioned the rear quarter work that was done. Just so you all know I bought the car that way. I never had any body work done to the car. I bought it from the second owner who bought it from a BMW employee with just under 3K on it. When I had the car it was solid as a rock. I never should have sold it to Kevin!! But he was the perfect owner for it. He took great care of it. I know we both were very meticulous with the mechanicals and when it left my hands it was perfect mechanically.
        "Never lift"


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          Henna FTW!

          Looks good, interior looks mint in photo. Did the car get a full respray at the time? Henna usually have no clear. Any more pics of engine bay or interior? Post em up!



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            I don't know but I think the left side was painted at some point.
            "Never lift"


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              the car was repainted on the left side one point in it life, the roof and truck have never been touched as far as i can tell. The interior is really clean, and the car drives great, the only thing it needs are brakes, and before i spend anymore money on it i thought i offer to the next owner to do, BBK? or OEM,? decisions, decisions?

              all PM replied, as i do not have time to check the site at work email is the best way to get me. TIA.