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FS: M3 Project Shell (with engine option)

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  • FS: M3 Project Shell (with engine option)

    Well guys it pains me to say this but im going to put my m3 project up for sale. I am going to the darkside and getting a subaru BRZ in a few months. To the best of my knowledge if you take option 1, you will need nothing except some elbow grease and a sound system. The shell has fresh PPG Black paint on it but some spots need touchups. I also had the locks and antenna welded in from behind so those need to be filled and painted as well. I stripped all the tar out, layed down a coat of underbody coating on the inside for water resistance, and put a very nice anthracite carpet on it. It has a crack free dash, all the interior trim except for B pillars, black door cards, etc.

    The car has a salvage title, it was hit in the front on the drivers side. It was repaired by the PO and the shell was deemed straight by his shop. The title is still in the PO's name in oregon, and he signed the title but i havent filled out my info on it so reg should not be an issue. Just put your info on the title and go to the DMV. I was waiting till i could title/smog/CARB all at once hence the delay.

    On with the good stuff

    Option #1
    Full project - $11000

    90 M3 Shell w/ fresh black paint, CF hood, CF skirts
    Fully rebuilt OBD1 S52
    ZF tranny w/ 60k
    Lightweight s52 flywheel
    NIB e34 m5 Clutch
    TRM 24v harness
    IX booster
    24v midpipes and m3 muffler
    e30 m3 5lug w/ Ground control kit @15k
    NIB Calipers/Carriers
    NIB Performance brake pads and black slotted/drilled rotors
    NIB SS brake lines
    NIB SS clutch line
    NIB IE 25/22 Sways w/ polly bushings and new IE adjustable endlinks
    New CA/Tie/THR eyeballs
    New RSFB (OE rubber) and polly RTAB
    Powder coated subframes with IE sway reinforcement kit
    95 m3 rack with AKG spacers
    Depot Smoked Smileys w/ 55w 4.5k HID
    Tan e30 m3 rear seat with a few minor seam splits
    2 mint Recaro black monza seats with mounting brackets
    NIB black headliner
    Hartge front strut bar and IE rear strut bar
    Glass moonroof w/ hardware (needs a new rail fabbed, easy fix)
    NIB 24v skidplate
    BBS Style 5's
    Mtech 2 steering wheel
    Everything to make the car CARB legal
    Various other things that im forgetting about

    Option #2
    Everything above minus drivetrain - $8500

    Option #3
    Bare rolling shell w/ GC and suspension bits mentioned - $6500

    Priority will be given to option 1 and 2. The engine is currently at Julians shop, and some bits are at my moms house in vallejo but the car and the majority of everything are with me in pacifica.

    The car/stuff as it sits:

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    Why was this moved its for sale?!?


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      Because's normal sections are for s14 cars only. Went through with the same problem, but this is a 24v car.
      Need a good mechanic/fabricator/performance shop in SoCal?

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        Actually its not an anything car, the engine bay is empty.


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          Pretty sure its just a mistake. There have been lots of swapped cars fs in the fs forum.

          The title reads as a project though. Put FS in front of the title.


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            some assembly required. I can only dream.

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              Its currently only a rolling chasis with a bit of the interior installed. If the car was finished then it would be more =P


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                Renamed and moved...
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                  TY sir


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                    WTF it got moved again...


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                      I put all swapped M3's for sale in the swapped car section. It's ok. Anybody looking for a swapped M3 will be looking there.



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                        Originally posted by Uber E30 View Post
                        Actually its not an anything car, the engine bay is empty.
                        Like this:

                        Not sure how giving an option of an s52 with the sale makes it a swapped car but its seems pretty clear that 2/3rd of the options are just a chasis.
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                          Don't sweat over where its listed. People will find it.

                          Any ore info on the damage and repair that was performed?
                          How about pics of the area?

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                            Originally posted by Teaguer View Post
                            Don't sweat over where its listed. People will find it.

                            Well personally I have never looked in the swapped section for a chassis, nor would I think to look there.

                            Originally posted by Teaguer View Post
                            Any ore info on the damage and repair that was performed?
                            How about pics of the area?
                            Unfortunately I dont have any more info on the damage. I can snap some pictures tonight.


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                              Meh... ok. Back to the FS section then. But really, this is written as a swapped for sale advert.