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For Sale: $28,000 1990 BMW E30 M3

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  • poozwah
    Car is SOLD (March 27, 2012)

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  • Andyman746
    Such a beautiful and clean example. You can eat off the undercarriage!


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  • archie
    Great pictures! GLWS

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  • poozwah
    started a topic For Sale: $28,000 1990 BMW E30 M3

    For Sale: $28,000 1990 BMW E30 M3

    For Sale: $28,000
    1990 BMW E30 M3
    Zinnorberrot red/black interior
    80,000 miles
    Photos, click link below:

    CarFax (2/5/12) Vehicle History Report, click the link below:
    This link expires on 02/20/2012.
    I can provide copy of CarFax via email.

    Please direct purchase inquiries via email, only:
    [email protected]

    Miscellaneous Notes:
    Panels on the car are original. Photos show the VIN tags on the fenders and doors. VIN tags not verified on rear quarter panels, as not easily accessed.
    No rust
    Original paint
    Dry undercarriage
    Original carpet mats with M3 logo (NLA)
    17-inch Konig 5-spoke wheels (215/40/17 Front and 235/40/17 Rear)
    Note: OEM 15 basket-weave wheels convey with car; Goodyear Eagle P205 55R15 tires

    Modifications & upgrades by previous owners (prior to 77,000 miles):

    Turner Motor Sport chip
    Evo II adjustable cam gears
    Timing chain tensioner upgrade (E36 tensioner)
    K&N air filter
    Short shifter kit
    One piece illuminated leather shifter
    Oil baffle
    Polyurethane alternator bushings
    H&R Sport springs
    Bilstein Sport shocks
    Racing Dynamics front strut bar
    Racing Dynamics rear strut bar
    Ireland Engineering front sway bar with reinforcements
    Ireland Engineering rear sway bar with reinforcements and adjustable end links
    Zimmer cross drilled rotors, front and rear
    17-inch Konig 5-spoke wheels

    Improvements and service while in my possession (77,000-80,000 miles):

    Remove Alpine stereo, install Blaupunkt CD43, BMW Business CD Car Radio, complete with Security Radio Code, installation instructions, operating instructions, programming instructions, 17-PIN connector & wiring harness and DIN-ISO antenna adapter. The CD43 head unit is mated to MobileSpec MS-6CH 6-Channel Line-Output Converter, BMW Sound System speakers, Q-Logic subwoofer, Zapco 360W 4-channel amp, Zapco 500W 1-channel amp.

    Replace tires and wheel alignment [77,618 miles]: Bridgestone Potenza-S (215/40/17 Front and 235/40/17 Rear)

    Replace entire exhaust system [77,676 miles]. Previous owners reconfigured the exhaust system with single pipe & cat, and non-OEM muffler.|auto-edit| The exhaust system has been returned to its original configuration with Turner Motorsport double pipes & cats and BMW OEM muffler.
    Vehicle passed state Emission Inspection (certificate of proof is available)
    Install M-Coupe differential cover modification [77,676 miles]
    Replace rubber front control arm bushings [77,676 miles] (BMW Motorsport- upgraded rubber bushings)
    Replace rubber rear subframe bushings and rear trailing arm bushings [77,676 miles]
    Replace thermostat and coolant flush [77,676 miles] (OEM theremostat, BMW OEM coolant)
    Transmission and differential flushes [77,676 miles] (Motul Gear 300)
    Replace rear soft brake lines/hard lines/flush brakes [77,676 miles] (Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid)
    Evacuate and refill AC system [77,676 miles]
    Repair driver's door lock cylinder [77,676 miles] (repair kit- keyed to match passenger door, trunk and ignition)
    Repair central lock [77,676 miles]
    Repair cruise control [77,676 miles]
    Repair fog lamps [77,676 miles]
    Replace battery [77,676 miles] (Interstate Battery for E30 M3- MTP91)

    Replace Behr E30 M3 radiator and radiator hoses, BMW OEM coolant [78,255 miles]

    Replace E30 M3 water pump [78,465 miles]
    Replace engine belts [78,465 miles]
    Replace OEM spark plugs [79,267 miles]

    Set CO and base idle [79,267 miles]
    Synchronized throttle bodies [79,267 miles]
    Checked valve leash at dead cold (everything within spec) [79,267 miles]