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1990 E30 M3 Brilliant Red on Black- Gorgeous car!- $20,995

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  • 1990 E30 M3 Brilliant Red on Black- Gorgeous car!- $20,995

    1990 BMW M3 Brillantrot on Schwarz Leather- Gorgeous Car!

    1990 BMW M3 Brillantrot on Schwarz Leather- Gorgeous Car!
    Brillanrot Exterior
    Schwarz Leather
    ~158,xxx miles
    In beautiful original condition, having been an active part of the S14 community and having watched these cars over the years I would easily say mine is a top 10% example.
    Exterior: The Brillanrot paint is gorgeous and has a deep shine. It earns respect and admiring comments whether at a club gathering, at the gas station or a BMW concours. It has mostly original paint; however the following items were re-painted due to fade: Front bumper cover, rear bumper cover, side skirts, mirror covers and the roof trim strip. For whatever reason on these cars the painted plastic parts don’t hold up to fade as well as the painted metal parts. The left front fender has been replaced at some point in the cars life, although I don’t know why. It doesn’t show any accident history but in the interest of disclosure. There are also a few edges on the trunk lid where some idiot got too aggressive with a buffer and the paint is thin. This is very minor but I am extremely particular. All of the body rubber, gaskets, lights, glass, etc are like new. The rear spoiler has been replaced by a MA Shaw carbon fiber wing using factory mounting points, so the original could be replaced with no negative consequences. The original comes with the car but it has stress fractures like they all do. I would call the exterior an 8.5/10.
    Interior- The interior on this car is one of the nicest E30 M3 interiors I have ever seen. When people see the car they absolutely marvel at the condition of the leather in particular. The leather is all original and amazingly it has escaped the cracking that affects 90% of them. I can’t say enough about how clean everything is. The dash is perfect as are the door panels, headliner, trim, etc. The seats shocks have been completely rebuilt so they don’t “flop” when they recline. It’s that kind of detail that sets this car apart. Every panel on the interior has been removed and everything underneath cleaned and polished. If it was missing a screw cap it was ordered from BMW and replaced. The only mods are a Sony head unit with IPOD, Satellite Radio and Bluetooth , updated tweeters behind stock grilles, and a non M3 E-brake boot. I would call the interior a 9.5/10.
    Mechanical- The car runs and drives exactly as it should, which is to say spectacular! It fires right up from cold, idles smoothly, pulls smoothly to redline with no hiccups, makes amazing power and sounds like an M-Car should! The motor is completely stock with the exception of a DINAN chip (original included) and a Supersprint stainless cat-back exhaust. I have a very complete history on the car from with service stamps in the book from the original owner and all the paper receipts from 1995 (46k miles) to current with most major work being done by BMW of Seattle.
    Underhood- The engine compartment is detailed to a very high standard and is ready to show. It is one of the cleanest engine bays I have seen on an M3, not to mention one with 156k miles! You will be impressed
    Maintenance- This car has been cherished by its owners who were both CCA and S14 SIG Members, so they knew what they had, appreciated it and provided appropriate care. Here is just a quick overview of recent items within the last 3k miles:
    • Sealed battery and battery tender hardwired
    • Oil Filter housing gasket
    • OEM Bmw antifreeze flush and fill
    • Alternator belt and oil change Mobil 1 Red 15-50
    • Redline MTL and 7590 for trans and diff
    • ATE brake fluid flush and fill
    • Bavarian auto high performance ignition wires and plugs
    • R&R rear shocks and shock mounts, with upgraded mounts
    • New coolant overflow bottle
    • AC Recharged

    Over the last few years the following items have been done:
    • Sachs clutch kit (5k miles ago)
    • Front brake rotors and pads (5k miles ago)
    • OEM Catalytic Converter (6k miles ago)
    • Michelin Pilot Sports 225/45/16 (12k miles ago)
    • Driver’s side window regulator
    • Lots and lots of small stuff all detailed in the records

    Items worth noting:
    • Every electrical function on the cars works as designed: gauges, dash lights, trip computer, windows, locks, sunroof, cruise control, etc.
    • It currently has a slight oil leak (dime sized drop over a month or so).

    I am generally a purist so with that said here are all the items I know of that are not 100% original on the car (although I think all are on upgrade):
    • Dinan chip
    • Supersprint Exhaust
    • Bav Auto Wires
    • Sparco front strut brace
    • 16” OEM basketweaves vs. 15” OEM
    • Sony head unit
    • E30 non M3 e-brake boot
    • Battery tender hardwired in

    What’s included with sale:
    I am including the following items with the sale:
    • Complete history of vehicle since 1995 and 46k miles. 3 inches thick and exhaustive
    • All the original book and manuals in their correct case including the cassette tape.
    • All the original keys
    • Griots Garage M3 Specific fitted car cover
    • Koala E30M3 repair and maintenance CD
    • E30 M3 electrical manual
    • E30 M3 SIG Q&A logs from the last 5 years on a flash drive
    • Several boxes of spare parts, mostly new in box worth quite a bit!
    • The original rear wing

    The car was originally sold in California and was purchased by its second owner in May of 1995. At this time the car had 46,648 miles on it. For some reason the sale got reported as a “Not actual miles” transaction, which conflicts all the documentation that I have. The records clearly show the mileage on the vehicle and are unbroken from that time. However since the error was made in 1995 the record stands. As such it shows on both Carfax and Autocheck as an Odometer issue. I recognize this might cause an issue for people but the condition of the car and the documentation definitely supports the mileage as being accurate. The funny thing is that the car is odometer exempt and isn’t a low mileage car anyway, but it is worth disclosing.
    The second owner of the car had it from 1995 until 2007 at which time he sold it to another enthusiast whom I got it from.
    This is a beautiful and correct example of one of the best BMW’s of all time. If you are looking for a great driving car that will draw compliments wherever you take it, this is your car.

    I had this car listed last year, but decided to do a few more upgrades to the car since then, they are:
    • Fixed the AC so it works great!
    • Re-sprayed the side skirts as they were turning a little "pink"
    • Tinted the windows to protect the interior
    • Updated the head unit to one that does Satellite, Bluetooth and IPOD (not pictured)

    For More photos and info go to

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    This car shows very nicely,GLWS........


    • #3 this is a dealer advertisement?


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        Originally posted by e30rida View Post this is a dealer advertisement?
        Regardless, this is a beautiful car at a reasonable price.
        John 3:17


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          Agree 100%

          I just love the red/black combo.

          Dang it!!!!


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            Originally posted by markseven View Post
            Regardless, this is a beautiful car at a reasonable price.
            I'll agree with 1/2 of that statement. The interio looks like 20K miles form the pics, lovely, but I'd say that price with no engine work listed is "optimistic".

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            What can I say,
            I love wide fenders!


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              Originally posted by e30rida View Post
     this is a dealer advertisement?
              I am a dealer ( however I have kept this as one of my personal cars for several years. I am happy to disclose myself as one, I just didn't see how to list it is such, if there is a way I am happy to do so. Thanks!


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                Is it me or does this car look as good if not better, then the lower mileage version on eBay right now? Gorgeous car.


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                  Looks utterly stunning!
                  Sterling M3 project..


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                    It's not you....I agree based on comparing the presentations. I almost bought a '90 brillantrot/black back in '08...I had my eyes on several cars, and I'd agree that this color combo is gorgeous....but so is zinno/black! Nice write-up...seems to be very honest and straight forward. Mileage doesn't bother me one bit....I bought mine with much more mileage, but it had new rod bearings and partial rebuild. When buying these cars you need to look "big picture", and for the money this example appears to be better than the ebay zinno/black due to all around care and presentation. Only visable hick-up I see is the tow hook covers are missing. Looks clean, clean, clean...shouldn't last long IMO!



                    Originally posted by Cha Ching View Post
                    Is it me or does this car look as good if not better, then the lower mileage version on eBay right now? Gorgeous car.


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                      I spy the '88 front door cards. Nevertheless, a beautiful example.

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                          The fact that this has not sold yet probably indicates you need to drop the asking price a bit.....


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                            This car is indeed one clean and well sorted example but i was a bit surprised to see the missing tow hook covers and misaligned and partially missing grille badge though...Anyways GLWS..Looks like a clean car
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                            1988 Diamantschwarz/Black


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                              Still available? Please pm me if so as I don't get on here often.