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Looking for Opinions on 1988 M3

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    Some detailed pictures of the rust spots

    The rust by the windshield looked just like his picture, but you can see the stuff around the bumper doesn't seem to have spread much at all. Some told me to look at the footwell for signs of water damage, and I would guess by the condition of the rest of the car, that the firewall is probably mostly intact, although it is dirty.


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      Having bought cars that showed little to no rust, I can speculate that this one has a lot going on that you cannot see. Be prepared to completely strip the engine and interior, including carpet. With that much rust showing at the cowl, you'll need a new cowl piece and a competent body shop to replace panels. Also will need to remove the brake booster as the firewall is most likely toast. If you can put up with all the work, the car would be a good deal in the 12-13K range. Rust is probably the biggest issue that most people don't appreciate. I've fixed several cars, that had rust issues no one even suspected, and none of them looked this bad on the outside.
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        That car has allot of rust pass on it you will find a better one.I bet you find one no rust or only one spot .I had two small rust spots on cowl cut out welded in .best to you on hunt you will find the right car.
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