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Not affiliated: Ebay AW/Bk E30 M3 with 69k

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  • Not affiliated: Ebay AW/Bk E30 M3 with 69k

    Yet another one..These cars are coming out of the woodworks...

    1988 Diamantschwarz/Black

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    This one has been on Chicago Craigslist at $34k, will be interesting to see what it gets up to on eBay.

    1988 Lachssilber E30 M3
    1977 320i Track Toy


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      That guy has a lot of "brain farts" according to the description LOL.

      Stock wheels and no roll cage and this is another $35k car but not anymore.


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        That's my car. I could have easily pulled the roll bar but I wanted to be as honest as possible about the car so I left it in. The AW car in this thread is extremely clean. You guys may remember me from the last time you chastised me....


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          lots of wear on the seats for a 69,000 mile Track car, I know cars with more miles than that has perfect interior, if the story behind the mileage is true, It is a very desirable color combo...nonetheless a nice original looking car, however, a PPI is a must for a novice S14 buyer interested on this car....



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            IMHO 75% of these cars are rollbacks. I already know of 3 cars that had in excess of 100k+ plus miles that had popped up with 60-80K in the past couple years. The key is that most have been one owners or two owner cars with low mileage last records on the carfax. Add a couple thousand miles to that and voila you have a 60k mile M3. Seats on the other hand tell another story, worn, re-died or reupholstered seats are a dead give away.


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              Most of the time, I'd agree, but add a gentleman of ample carriage or someone who just slides in and out without taking care can prematurely wear the driver seat.

              Originally posted by e30rida View Post
              Seats on the other hand tell another story, worn, re-died or reupholstered seats are a dead give away.
              Alles Beste!

              B. Wheaton
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                Why are the photos so darn small? Edit...I didn't see the link.
                Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.