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88 E30 M3 EVO II - not mine

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    sold to former bmw racing driver, so it will be loved and treated nicely

    I have to say its the least happy I have been selling a car in a long time
    it was bitter sweet
    I wanted to sell it so I could afford the next car i'm getting
    but I knew I would not find another M3 later in as good condition
    and the way prices are rising
    I don't think I can afford this car again in a year or 2
    still glad I've owned 2 of them, and that my son was old enough to experience both of them
    now he knows what a true motor sports car is like


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      Originally posted by 300whpGTI View Post
      I did; same day I sold my M3 I drove to pick up the Elise. It's a great car and a heck of a lot of fun but part of me regrets doing what I did. For many reasons, but mainly bc without a back seat I cannot take my 4yr old daughter out and she really enjoyed when I threw her Recaro seat in the back of my M3 and we went out.. Sooooo, I may wait until spring and put this up; I'm thinking about a 964. The other side of me wants to keep the Elise and pick up something like a Corrado SLC so her and I can have something fun to run around in.
      Ya, its extremely fun to travel with sons and daughters, i also have suffered from the same trrouble and waiting for the new 964 model.


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        blocker1 - you really knocked it out of the park with your first post. Congratulations! Bumping a FIVE YEAR old post of no consequence. Can't wait for your second post.
        1990 M3

        Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your M3


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          Hilarious! Like he just discovered the internet!